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Roundball Roundtable

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 November 2007

Probably no formal post today — it’s hard to write while holding your breath waiting to see if LBJ’s finger injury is serious — but I wanted to point everyone’s eyes over to Rebuilding Year, where each week for the past two weeks I’ve engaged in a roundtable discussion of the NBA. Another one will be going up today or tomorrow. In it I argue for LBJ as MVP. It’s not like it took much to make this argument, but it might be good reading nonetheless.


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A Blog After My Own Heart

Posted by disappointmentzone on 13 November 2007

I’d like to point everyone’s attention to the most appropriately title sports blog to hit these here internets in a long time: Hey Larry Hughes, Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots. Just look at the URL on that site. It’s a beauty.

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