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LZ Granderson on Brady Quinn

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 February 2008

LZ Granderson has a thoughtful and passionate take on the recent Brady Quinn gay bashing incident that has not received as much attention as probably should be warranted. Quinn has denied being involved in the New Years Eve incident — even though police officers put him at the scene, as did the man who called 911.

Here is a key section of the column:

I understand commissioner Roger Goodell’s plate is a little full right now with Spygate and all, but if he’s serious about cleaning up his league, the topic of homophobia in the NFL needs to be included in that conversation. It doesn’t matter if he or I or any of you believe homosexuality is a choice or not. There’s a little something called respect for human life that should supersede the rules commonly found on the playground.

Since we’re on the topic of Goodell, there is something wildly inconsistent about his stance regarding player behavior as it affects the NFL’s image and his stance regarding his office’s actions as it affects the NFL’s image. Arlan Specter ought to focus his attention on more pressing issues, but he’s right when he draws attention to the curious response from the Goodell’s office regarding Spygate. Spygate goes straight to the integrity of the games. Integrity is best ensured by transparency. Destroying evidence does the opposite. This is certainly more damning than the misguided and potentially criminal behavior of some NFL athletes as far as the league’s standing is concerned.


4 Responses to “LZ Granderson on Brady Quinn”

  1. Will said

    Huge trade!!! The end of the Larry Era! Rejoice!

  2. Last I checked, Brady Quinn was the one who spends most of his time at work with his hands underneath another man’s balls. Brady is terrible and will never be a good QB in this league. That just makes him another degenerate homophobe.

  3. just a guy said

    funny haha. but your paranoia about a man having his hands underneath another man’s balls is totally butch silliness. as if a gay guy shouldn’t be qb or wouldn’t do as ample a job. f u dude. but seriously. u’ve got some implicit bs goin on up there in your head. it ain’t right. just sayin–even tho u do come off as wanting to be a friend of fairness.

  4. It’s unfortunate that in this day and age people still want to bash people for their personal choices. Brady Quinn has enough to worry about with his job.

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