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Posted by disappointmentzone on 17 February 2008

On Friday night Daniel Gibson made 11 three pointers in the Rookie Challenge, earning him the MVP. On Saturday night Gibson finished second in the [Corporation I Don’t Remember] Three Point Shootout, losing to former Cavalier Jason Kapono (should have protected him!). On Sunday night LeBron James led the Eastern Conference All Stars to victory, going for 27/8/9 and winning the MVP. All told the Cavaliers represented quite well in the mid-winter classic.


2 Responses to “MVP! MVP!”

  1. kiddicus said

    just another problem with Mike Brown’s coaching. If two of your guys are winning MVPs on their own when they’re not being coached by you, and lighting up the floor for ~30 points each – you would think some adjustments would be made to spotlight those players.

    obviously, BronBron is the star of this team. He needs a good supporting cast to win an Oscar, and we might have one if we cultivated the talent that we have instead of trying to force good performances out of the likes of Hughes and Pavlovic.

  2. Haze said

    BREAKING NEWS: LARRY HUGHES IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And pretty much our entire roster, the roster that just about broke my spirit in half, went with him.

    Disappointment Zone, I need a review of our new roster. Its a new day.

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