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Get Ready For OSU in the BCS…Again

Posted by disappointmentzone on 14 January 2008

OSU finished the season with the possibility of returning 20 of 22 starters. So far they’ve lost only Vernon Gholston, which will do some damage to the defensive line.

But the real story this evening is that James Laurinaitis will return to Columbus. Losing Laurinaitis would have been a crippling blow to the defense. His return will mitigate any other defensive losses the team might suffer.

Meanwhile all signs are pointing to everyone returning on offense. Which means that when Ohio State takes the field next season they’ll be poised to play in the BCS title game once again, much to the chagrin to the rest of the nation.

Going forward the key to next season will be the game at USC early in September. If OSU wins that game there will likely be nothing any other team can do to keep OSU out of the title game should they win out. There likely won’t be two other teams that, even if they go undefeated, will have more impressive resumes than an undefeated Ohio State.

So third time is a charm, right?


5 Responses to “Get Ready For OSU in the BCS…Again”

  1. Ben said

    thats the thing… next years team, with all their returning starters and upperclassmen will actually be more ‘deserving’ if they do win out. this years 1-loss season was due mostly to the fact that the Big Ten stunk rather than Ohio State’s greatness.

    Next year they could actually be worthy… but no one will want them there (not that can blame ’em. If this was Oklahoma or some such school, I’d feel the same way).

  2. Coach Tressel is a born again Christian and has a high moral regard for sportsmanship and all…which is fine. But if we are going to get a third shot at this it will be because we go “New England” on every team we face…if we don’t blow people AWAY every game and utterly dominate each game, I don’t see how the voters will send us to the championship game again this year. They held their nose and did it this time…we better shock and awe the nation if we hope for a third trip…

  3. Ryan A said

    Not only will next years Buckeyes squad feature 20 returning starters (9 offense, 9 defense, both kickers), but the two new starters on defense, DE Lawrence Wilson and OLB Curtis Terry, both have starting experience. Has a team ever returned 9 starters from the nation’s number 1 ranked defense and replaced the two departures with two seniors with previous starting experience?

  4. Arkansas Buckeye said

    First of all, I hate the SEC. Don’t get me started.

    BUT having the gears in place is only half the battle. We need the competition to strengthen any weak areas we have. And my fear is that rolling over the likes of a rebuilding Michigan and the other sisters of the poor is just going to be another set up for another loss to an SEC school. You have no idea how much pain that brings me here in Fayetteville.

    Maybe some practice games against Glenville or Appalachian State during the wait until bowl day this time.

    Did I mention how much I hate the SEC?

  5. RockKing said

    Is this site done with? Or just on temporary hiatus?

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