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Browns Extending Anderson?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 9 January 2008

According to ESPN the Browns have entered into talks with Derek Anderson about signing him to a long-term contract. Is this a wise move?


* The Browns could sign Anderson to a 1-year deal for $2.4M that would require any other team interested in signing him to compensate the Browns with their first and third round draft picks. The Browns would also have the option of matching the offer.

* With Brady Quinn’s contract being heavily incentive-based — and with those incentives being impossible to reach without actually playing — extending Anderson to a long-term deal does not preclude the Browns from also keeping Quinn.

* The biggest incentive clause in Quinn’s contract is based on the percentage of snaps he takes in his first three seasons. If he rides the pine for two years he’ll lose out on making a ton of money, which would suck for him, but it would be great for the Browns. Since he’s signed to a five-year contract the Browns could get and additional two inexpensive years out of him.

* Since contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed any extension for Anderson should be judged primarily on the amount of guaranteed money. If Anderson agrees to a long term deal that only affects the team’s cap over the next couple of seasons it is possible that the Browns could trade or cut him a couple of years into the deal to give Quinn the starting job.

* Would Quinn be willing to ride the pine for more than another season? What if he turns into a malcontent?

* Is it in the Browns’ best interest to keep an asset like Quinn on the bench? If they extend Anderson should they try to flip Quinn for either draft picks or another player, say a defensive lineman like Jason Taylor?


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