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Fire Mike Brown?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 20 December 2007

Should Gilbert and Ferry pull the plug on Mike Brown?


15 Responses to “Fire Mike Brown?”

  1. josh said

    Wait until the off-season. You’ll have a better idea of who is available. The cap is limiting what we can do as far as players on the court so we need a superior offensive mind of the bench in order to win a title. Mike Brown isn’t that coach.

  2. Erik said

    I just don’t think Brown is a good teacher or motivator. He might know a lot about basketball, maybe even more about offense than he lets on, but if he teaches an motivates in a manner that would make Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” seem charismatic, he’s not doing the whole job.

    As it is, LeBron is the one with the ultimate answer to Mike Brown’s fate. And at the moment, I don’t think Bron Bron would give Roker a ringing endorsement.

  3. RockKing said

    That seems to be the question. The thing is, if the players have quit on Mike Brown, is that Mike Brown’s problem or is it the players’ problem? I think the Cavaliers roster is awful anyway you look at it, and no matter who is coaching this team, there are fatal flaws that will be exploited. I probably wouldn’t fire Mike Brown right now, if only because I don’t think it would make a difference. I’m very down on this roster, with the one obvious exception.

  4. kiddicus said

    I forget if I posted this here or not, but here goes:

    I refuse to call these ragamuffin bunch of tag-alongs the Cleveland Cavaliers anymore. Until someone, ANYONE on this team steps to the plate line and takes some pressure of LBJ they are hitherto and forthwith referred to at the Cleveland LeBrons. I would take the 2006 OSU Men’s B-Ball team and Bron-Bron over these half-assed lazy SOB’s. Until they start playing like a semblance of a contiguous unit, they are the LeBrons.

    the LeBrons, one for LeBron, LeBron for all.

  5. man is that a hard question…there is no doubt that his rotation philosophy is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen…but look at his record…but there seems to be no identity, everybody just stands around and watches 23…but his team made the finals in two years…

  6. Jason said

    I say fire the guy. Mike Brown has shown no ability to win the games that really matter. I’d much rather bring a big name, high profile coach in to coach the Cavs; preferably someone who’s shown more success in the playoffs than Brown.

    What we really need is a coach who will have this team playing their best basketball in November and December, get the fans and bloggers excited, then flame out in early spring so we can move on to the Tribe.

    Anyone have Paul Silas’ phone number?

  7. Ben said


    not yet anyways…

    see how the season bears out (teams have rough slumps… didn’t the Jazz just go 2-8?) and then decide.

    It also depends on who is out there (is the unknown better than the known?).

    As for winning the games that really matter… he wins in the playoffs! the games he doesn’t win are the mid-winter games against the league’s dregs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think too highly of him (his offense is terrible, he can’t motivate game to game and he can’t juggle minutes to save his life), but he’s won big games.

  8. Haze said

    The problem is with the team. Yes these bunch of morons are unmotivated but getting rid of Brown isn’t the solution, not now at least. The solution is a trade, probably for Kidd. Like him or not we need someone else who can score and assist. The Nets have the worst center in the league. We have four guys (Gooden, Z, Marshall, Carrot Top) who can play center. Z and maybe Sasha for Kidd. This team will not win anything unless there is a major change in the rotation, but its more than do-able.

  9. Haze said

    However, Brown needs to stop tapping his head like a re-re. I don’t know whose worse, the Head Tapper or “Crafty” Paul Byrd, but these guys are droolin’.

  10. dave . . . said

    absolutely, like in “the peter principle”, he has proven himself to have reached his “level of incompetence” and as such, to continue to keep him as the head coach even through the end of the season will only further exacerbate the problems he provides, namely a discernible lack of motivation for getting the players to be “up” for each and every game, being rather unprepared for opponents almost on a nightly basis, an inability to make adjustments at half-time to allow for a 3rd period “win” so to speak, an inconsistent bench rotation which causes players to lose confidence and gain a little “rust” in their game, a lack of having an actual offensive system that can be put in a book to be studied and learned then applied on the court in practice and put into effect during games like the ballyhooed “triangle offense”, “the princeton offense” and “the secondary break”, not to mention his outright refusal (ego) to bring in an offensive coach to help incorporate such an offense. i don’t want to hear all the so-called “yeah buts” either like “yeah but he’s won 50 games each of the last 2 years and he took the cavs to the eastern conference finals last year”. the last time i looked, rick carlisle did the same damn thing with detroit and he still got fired and was replaced by larry brown who promptly took the pistons to one title and a follow-up appearance in the finals the very next year. if you ask me, mike brown is the cavs’ version of former chicago bulls coach doug collins who couldn’t even win a title with michael jordan on his team. it took the bulls firing collins and replacing him with phil jackson to get the bulls over the hump and win, not only a title, but multiple championships. i honestly feel the same thing has to happen for the cavs if they ever have any chance of winning the nba title because unlike u.p.s., this brown can’t do it for you.

  11. Anonymous said

    meh. The Piston’s replaced Carlise with Larry Brown. The Bulls replaced Collins with Phil Jackson.

    If the Cavs can replace Brown with a Hall of Fame coach, do it. But I can’t see that happening if you fire him mid-season (and it’s way too early to turn this over a mid-season replacement).

    As for trading for Jason Kidd… I still haven’t seen anyone propose a deal that New Jersey wouldn’t laugh at (Z and Sasha? Really?).

    The Cavs are in a tough spot as they have no good, young talent (they aren’t trading Gibson and Shannon Brown/Sasha Pavlovic don’t count), no expiring contacts of note (just Ira Newble and Brown- next season is the year where they’ll have expiring deals) and mediocre draft picks.

    They’ll have expiring deals and lots of capspace in a year or so… we’ll be much more likely to see a major deal then.

    But right now? Not likely.

  12. Ben said

    oops… ^^ that was me..

  13. Erik said

    Warriors 105, Cavs 96. Nine losses in their last 12.

    I think Mike Brown’s answering this question loud and clear. By July, he’s going to be back on Pop’s staff in San Antone.

  14. Haze said

    I don’t think Jersey would laugh at that trade. Its one aging player for another, but Sasha at least gives them something young to work with. OK fine they probably won’t do that but we need a trade.

    Maybe they want Larry Hughes? :)

  15. Anonymous said

    what the hell do you want

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