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Cavs: Wins Produced

Posted by disappointmentzone on 14 December 2007

David Berri at the Wages of Wins Journal is going through the NBA by division and posting how the teams are doing. Today’s division is the Central. With a hat tip in his direction I have reproduced his findings for the Cavaliers below. If you want to know how the rest of the teams are doing, you’ll have to check out his site. cavs.jpg

A few notes:

* Average WP48 is .100.

* Thanks to injuries and holdouts the projected Wins Produced is off by quite a bit. Varejao’s WP48 is .333, just a tick below LeBron’s. Yet Varejao is only projected to produce .06 wins. This is because the projection is based on him playing in one of every 20-odd games, which will clearly no longer be the case.

* Meanwhile LeBron is projected to miss roughly 5.5 games for every twenty games of the season. As long as this doesn’t happen his projected WP should increase substantially.

* Gooden might be the most disappointing player on the roster. He’s putting up good scoring and rebounding numbers, but he’s also averaging 2.1 turnovers per game, which is really bad. This is also his worst shooting season in his Cavs tenure, both from the field and from the line. The obvious hope is that with LBJ back, Marshall on the mend, and Varejao ready to spell him, that the offensive load will be lifted from his shoulders. Gooden is not the guy you want carrying your team’s offense. He’s not the guy you want as your team’s second option either. He’s probably not the guy you want as your team’s third option. Yet too often this season that’s been the case. This is no fault of Gooden’s. Necessity has forced him into that role. With the Cavs getting healthy Gooden should be able to fall back into a role for which he’s better suited.

* Even though Daniel Gibson’s WP48 is below average, his production is a marked increase from last season, when he posted a regular season WP48 of .046. This is great news for the Cavs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his WP48 climb above average this season. If it does it would represent the first time in years that the Cavs were getting above average production from their starting point guard.


One Response to “Cavs: Wins Produced”

  1. Haze said

    The Cavs need a trade. This team around LeBron will not win. Heard they were looking at some guy named Mills. Any idea who he is or what he’d cost?

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