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Derek Anderson: Where He Ranks

Posted by disappointmentzone on 13 December 2007

Each week The Disappointment Zone gives the QB Score and QB Score per play statistics of the Browns’ quarterbacks, which since week two has been Derek Anderson. During that time Derek Anderson’s performance has rarely been put in the larger context of how he compares to his peers. With discussions cropping up about what the Browns should do re: Anderson after the season now seems like a good time to provide that context.

Of the 34 qualifying quarterbacks, Anderson has been the 8th best quarterback this season, as measured by QB Score per play. He’s played better than a number of highly regarded quarterbacks, including Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees and Cleo Lemon. Take from this what you will, but do not view this list as an unassailable hierarchy of NFL quarterbacks. It’s a good jumping off point for further discussion, though.

Historical Average is 1.85

QB Score = All Yards – 3*All Plays – 30*All Turnovers

All Yards = Passing Yards + Rushing Yards – Yards Lost from Sacks

All Plays = Pass Attempts + Rushing Attempts + Sacks

All Turnovers = Interceptions + Fumbles Lost


12 Responses to “Derek Anderson: Where He Ranks”

  1. RockKing said

    Gotta love the 49ers having the only 2 QBs with a negative QB Score.

    Here’s a question for you, though. Suppose the Browns tender DA in the offseason, and the 49ers want to sign him. Their 1st round pick is already supposed to go to the Patriots. So who technically owns that pick right now? Are the 49ers still free to trade it, or is that pick off limits? If it’s off limits, you can count the 49ers out of the teams who would possibly sign DA.

  2. Haze said

    I can’t help but notice that Jeff Garcia is 5th or so on the list. Was he not a quarterback for the Browns at one time? This situation needs to be handled carefully. I still wouldn’t give Anderson more than three years, past that you’re pushing big money.

  3. @ RockKing

    That’s a good question. I think the Pats own the rights to the pick already. My hunch is that since the 49ers don’t own the rights they have no recourse here. That is, there is no way they could offer a 1st round pick this year as they don’t own one. I suppose they could still acquire a first round pick somehow… I think the 49ers will stick with Smith another season.

  4. @ Haze

    If the Browns keep around Anderson next season and he starts all the games, and assuming he plays well enough to warrant an extension, I don’t think the Browns would hesitate to make it a 5-year deal. The magic line for Quinn is the third season. His major performance bonus expires after that time. After that he’ll basically be a $2M/yr quarterback for the remaining two years of his contract, which is super cheap and which makes him awfully good trade bait. It would also make him easy to extend for cheap.

    Conversely, if Anderson plays well enough to keep Quinn on the bench he too will be incredibly good trade bait. The Browns lose the ability to trade him after next season if they don’t extend him to a multi-year deal between now and then. Whether he gets an extension will be based on how well he plays. I don’t think the length will be a factor.

  5. Wait, did you just list Cleo Lemon as a highly regarded quarterback?

  6. Yeah, that was a little joke.

  7. unkonwn said

    aren’t the pats supposed to lose their first round pick next year?….if that happens, do the 49ers get that pick back or no one gets that pick?

  8. The Pats lose their first round pick. They still get the 49ers’ pick.

  9. Thank god, sorry mind was fried after reading the Mitchell report. Though I still have no idea how Jay Cutler is that high

  10. I like Jay Culter. I think he’s going to turn into a very good quarterback. He’s got a monster arm, is fairly accurate, and is mobile in the pocket. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be the best QB from his class.

  11. Oh, I agree, I’m just talking this year. He hasn’t had what one would call a good year. Wonder where he would stand after last night’s game.

  12. No NFL Network here so I don’t know how he looked last night but he completed 70% of his passes and didn’t throw a pic, so it couldn’t have been that bad, right?

    After last night’s game his QB Score per play is 2.84 (this is his season total; didn’t look at his game total for yesterday)

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