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Browns Playoff Odds Report: 76%

Posted by disappointmentzone on 12 December 2007

If you check out the Football Outsiders Playoff Odds Report this week you’ll see that in the AFC the battle for the last Wild Card spot is a battle between two teams. The Browns have a 62.2% chance of winning a Wild Card berth — and 13.8% chance at winning the division, hence the 76% chance of making the playoffs — and the Bills have a 18.5% chance of winning a Wild Card berth.  Tennessee still has a small chance (7.1%) but…no. This one’s coming down to Cleveland and Buffalo.

Which makes this Sunday’s game such a big deal. If the Browns win they have a chance to clinch a playoff berth. Even if they don’t clinch the berth if the Browns will they’ll have a prohibitive lead in the race, all but technically locking up a berth. If the Bills win the Browns will (probably) have to win out and hope for another Bills loss. With games against the Giants and Eagles that’s not necessarily impossible, but wouldn’t everyone be happier if the Browns controlled their own playoff destiny?

So Sunday is Showdown Sunday. Or whatever they’ll call it. Last week was a big game. This week’s game is a bigger game. In fact, it’s the biggest game of the season. Cheer hard, Cleveland.


7 Responses to “Browns Playoff Odds Report: 76%”

  1. could it be said that this might be one of if not the biggest game in Browns history? it has to be up there. the reason I say that is because all previous “big games” prior to the move were in the context of the great Browns tradition…there was an unbroken legacy since day one…and since day one the Browns were rarely chumps.

    the Ravens now carry on this tradition…even when they are bad…they are still not taken for granted. just like the Browns before the move.

    the main link to the pre-move days is the city, uniform and name…that’s it (let’s be honest). so we in a real way have to re-create what was shipped out and for 9 years we have fumbled around. this game not only has implications for this year…but could it be argued that it has implications for the next 10? I would say that’s a real possibility…

    so…it’s a big game, that’s for sure.

  2. kiddicus said

    i cannot stress enough how splendiferous it is to be able to sit down on Sunday afternoons and actually enjoy watching a Browns game. My cohorts and I were lamenting about how they can never win one easily – just a blowout to clear the conscience… but after we had a large lead over the Jets in the 4th quarter it was boring to watch until we almost blew it.

    The point of this story is:
    1) The Browns are back, and its awesome
    2) Its better to have a tooth-and-nail team than a blowout team. Makes for good TV.

  3. I think it’s entirely fair to view the new Browns as an expansion team and I’d say that this week’s game is the second biggest game of the New Browns, with the playoff loss in 2002 the biggest. It looks like we’re headed for a rematch with the Steelers in the playoffs. If that’s the case then I’d completely endorse that game as the biggest yet. The 2002 playoff team seemed like one put together with wire and glue. The 2007 Browns feel like their on the cusp of something big. This is as excited as I’ve ever been about the New Browns and the margin isn’t even close.

  4. Erik said

    The big difference was in the ’02 game against Atlanta, the Browns needed to win that game and still get help from other teams.

    This time, the Browns are in the driver’s seat. Beat Buffalo, and given the rest of the schedule, you’re all but in. Lose to Buffalo and it’s time to start bailing water.

    We already know this Browns team can win. Now, they need to prove that they can win big games.

    DA: Remeber, underneath is good. Get the ball to Braylon and K2 and let them create after the catch. DO NOT force the ball into traffic 30 yards downfield.

    Romeo: Please, pretty please, don’t F this game up with poor clock management or a dumb challenge. Prove that you’re capable of being a playoff-caliber NFL coach.

  5. I’m trying to remember…could this be the first season the Cavs, Indians and Browns make each make the playoffs? (if you consider the Browns 07/08 playoff run as the same as the Cavs and Indians 07…)?

  6. Erik said

    Yes, this would be a first for Cleveland should the Browns make the playoffs.

    Two of the three teams have made it in the same year six times, next most recently in ’98 with the Indians and Cavs.

    But quite obviously, this has been the most dominant stretch for Cleveland sports since the 1950s. The Cavs make the Finals, the Indians come within a win of the World Series and the Browns … well, given that the Colts and Patriots are assured the bye weeks, it would be hard to see the Browns winning more than one game this postseason.

    But still, to have all three Cleveland teams not only make the playoffs in the same year, but get past the first round, would be the high-water mark of Cleveland as a three major-league team town. No titles yet, but it looks like we finally have three good teams all at the same time.

  7. I could say that this would be one of the biggest games since we’ve come back.

    Anyone who didn’t consider this an expansion team needs a bucket of cold water, it’s not like we got to keep players along with our colors.

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