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Browns Playoff Odds Report: 76%

Posted by disappointmentzone on 12 December 2007

If you check out the Football Outsiders Playoff Odds Report this week you’ll see that in the AFC the battle for the last Wild Card spot is a battle between two teams. The Browns have a 62.2% chance of winning a Wild Card berth — and 13.8% chance at winning the division, hence the 76% chance of making the playoffs — and the Bills have a 18.5% chance of winning a Wild Card berth.  Tennessee still has a small chance (7.1%) but…no. This one’s coming down to Cleveland and Buffalo.

Which makes this Sunday’s game such a big deal. If the Browns win they have a chance to clinch a playoff berth. Even if they don’t clinch the berth if the Browns will they’ll have a prohibitive lead in the race, all but technically locking up a berth. If the Bills win the Browns will (probably) have to win out and hope for another Bills loss. With games against the Giants and Eagles that’s not necessarily impossible, but wouldn’t everyone be happier if the Browns controlled their own playoff destiny?

So Sunday is Showdown Sunday. Or whatever they’ll call it. Last week was a big game. This week’s game is a bigger game. In fact, it’s the biggest game of the season. Cheer hard, Cleveland.


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