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Cavs Match Offer; Varejao Returning

Posted by disappointmentzone on 5 December 2007

As expected, the Cavs have matched the Bobcats’ offer for Anderson Varejao. This means Varejao is now a Cavalier, at least this season and next season. According to reports his contract has an opt-out clause after the second season.

While not ideal letting Andy walk to Charlotte would have been even worse.

There are two issues facing the Cavs right now: roster and luxury tax.

The Cavs’ roster is full. To put Andy on it they’ll have to drop someone else. The Cavs are also at the threshold of the luxury tax. Without clearing any cap space the Cavs will be paying 2x whatever Varejao’s salary is this season. A trade (someone other than Andy) is not out of the question.


2 Responses to “Cavs Match Offer; Varejao Returning”

  1. kiddicus said

    punishment? make him start at point guard while LeBron is injured, not like we’re gonna win any games anyways.

  2. Erik said

    The Cavs waived Demetrius Nichols to make room for Varejao.

    Hopefully he’s not going to need additional room in his uniform. Our favorite mop-top left town looking like Justin Guarini. Here’s hoping he doesn’t return as a Brazilian Orson Welles.

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