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Browns Playoff Odds Report: 63.4%

Posted by disappointmentzone on 5 December 2007

As of right now Indianapolis and New England have all pretty much locked up their respective divisions. San Diego and Pittsburgh are inching closer to joining them. Jacksonville, at 8-4, has pretty much locked up the first Wild Card spot. So the only race in the AFC is for the final Wild Card spot. Right now the Browns are in the lead.

Last week the Browns were at 78.8% to make the playoffs, so this week’s 63.4% represents a sizeble drop. However, there are only three other teams being given odds for the Wild Card: the Broncos (1%), Bills (14.5%), and Titans (26.6%). The Browns, at 56.8%, are twice as likely as their next closest competitor for earning that playoff berth. [note: 56.8% are the odds the Browns win the Wild Card. 63.4% are the odds the Browns make the playoffs; they still have a shot at their division.]

Working in the Browns’ favor is that they play Buffalo. The winner of that game will get a huge bump as the loss could effectively eliminate the other team, especially if that other team is the Bills. Then, the Titans still have to play San Diego and Indianapolis — losing both games is very possible — while the Browns will be feasting on the pu pu platter of crappy NFL teams — losing two games is very unlikely. The Browns are not out of the woods yet, but they essentially control their own destiny. If the Browns win out it’ll take a miracle for any team to catch them for the Wild Card. Fortunately, the chances of the Browns winning out are not drastically small. As long as the team is done shooting itself in the foot the Browns should be playing January football.


One Response to “Browns Playoff Odds Report: 63.4%”

  1. Matt said

    I believe it is obviously all up to the Browns. If they win at least 3 of the last 4 which seems very achievable they will go to the playoffs. Jacksonville and Tennessee both have some tough schedules ahead. We should be a 9-3 football team right now. 2 Losses coming from horrible rules in the NFL. Coaches calling time out seconds before ball is snapped for field goal. Also, if you are going to make the force out rule then it should be able to be reviewed. It should be the same judgement as a incomplete pass or a fumble. THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY A FORCE OUT! In conclusion I look forward to cheering the Browns in to their first playoff appearance since 2002. It is exciting to still be in the race this late. We are going in the right direction and that is what we need.

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