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“Celtics hold Lebron-less Cavs to 70 Points in Win”

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 December 2007

That was the headline on after the Cavs lost 70-80 against the Celtics Sunday afternoon.

Headline writing is all about the angle and in this case the angle is all wrong.

The Cavs minus LeBron should score about 70 points per game. That’s not surprise. What is a surprise is that the Cavs minus LeBron would be within 10 points of the best team in the Eastern Conference, or that the Cavs minus LeBron would hold the Celtics to 80 points.

How about this instead: “LeBron-less Cavs Hold Full-Strength Celtics to 80 Points Before Losing By Only 10 Points to the ‘Best’ Team in the East”

Too long? Probably. But you get the point.

Since LBJ has gone out with a finger injury the Cavs have struggled, but today’s game should provide the non-LeBron Cavs a good dose of confidence. After all, the key to the Cavs’ success is defense. The guys today played very well, holding the Celtics to 22 points below their scoring average. That this happened on the road makes it even more impressive. If there is such a thing as a good loss I’d say today’s loss to the Celtics qualifies.


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