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Browns Playoff Odds Report: 78.8%

Posted by disappointmentzone on 28 November 2007

Quick show of hands: How many Browns fans were eagerly awaiting a Dolphins touchdown Monday night against the Steelers? I know I was. Thanks to the rain and new sod seven points would’ve saved the fins from the embarrassment of a 0-16 season while serving the Steelers their second consecutive loss to a crap team. It would have also put the Browns in great position to nab the AFC North title from the Steelers, which is what I was hoping for more than anything. Sadly, none of that happened.

Instead Browns fans will have to settle for being 78.8% certain that the Browns will be in the playoffs this season. This sets a new season high, up from 56.9% last week. And while at the beginning of the season it would’ve been impossible to believe, the Browns are now expected to win 10 games. That’s like one for each finger! This number should climb to around 11 if the Browns beat those pesky Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, at which point roughly 50% of Browns Nation will have to resort to toes to count that extra win.

And that, dear readers, is probably as close to TV-M as this blog will ever get.


6 Responses to “Browns Playoff Odds Report: 78.8%”

  1. can anybody imagine what will happen if the defense continues to solidify each game as we head into the playoffs?

    it’s a season of dreams!

  2. RockKing said

    Brandon McDonald looked like a CB of dreams. If he and Wright can continue to develop, can you imagine how good our secondary can be in a few years?

    Also, as the Browns’ playoff odds continue to increase, I keep thinking more and more about seed. Assuming the Browns don’t win the North, and if the Browns can win their WC round game, is it better to play NE in the divisional round or the AFC Championship game? Does it matter? It seems to me that if the Browns are going to pull off a miracle upset of NE, the chances are better to catch them sleeping off a bye week in the divionsal round.

  3. Dawg Pound said

    I think I’m going to side with Ace Davis on this one…We want the 4 or 5 seed…let the others wear on the Pats.

    Where is the “TV-M” part, BTW??

  4. DP: The counting methods for 11 wins.

    I don’t want the Pats off a bye week. Let them get beat up by another team, maybe lose to another team, first.

  5. no doubt…we hung with the Pats the first time…they certainly did not steam roll us…if we meet them again in the playoffs I am sure, win or loose, it will be a close game. it is not always easy for a team with everything to loose to beat up a team with nothing to loose.

  6. errrr…lose…

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