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LSU Down; Go Oklahoma!

Posted by disappointmentzone on 23 November 2007

LSU is about three huge plays from being a four or five loss team, but we’ll settle for them being a two loss team.

Next up: Root, root for Oklahoma to win the Big 12. That would assuredly put OSU back in the BCS Championship Game, likely against WVU. Of course, if WVU trips down the stretch, that leaves the door open for…wow, a whole bunch of teams. Georgia? Oklahoma? USC?


3 Responses to “LSU Down; Go Oklahoma!”

  1. Zach said

    Hello –

    I was trying to contact you by email and couldn’t find yours on the site. Could you please post it here or send me an email at:



  2. disappointmentzone at gmail dot com

  3. Isaiah said

    Now that KU has gone down, I can be fully behind the Sooners. The Big 12 game should be extremely good, I think, but I’m still sad that the Jayhawks couldn’t put anything together in the red zone in the first half…very much like OU couldn’t against Tech last weekend.

    With my dreams of an OSU-KU final dashed, I am just looking for an at-large bid for KU and the automatic bid for OU. And yeah, my divided loyalties disturb me too.

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