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How OSU Gets to the BCS Title Game

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 November 2007

There is no simple line for OSU back into the BCS Championship Game, but they are definitely still in contention. Looking at the standings the Buckeyes need any two of the following three things to happen in order to play in New Orleans come January.

* The Big 12 South Division champion wins the Big 12 Championship. This would ensure both Kansas (#2) and Missouri (#3) finish the season with another loss. Yesterday you were rooting for Oklahoma to lose. Now you want Oklahoma to win.

* West Virginia loses one of its last two games.

* LSU loses one of its last two games.

There is always a chance that even if two of the three happen that a team like Georgia could leapfrog the Buckeyes, maybe even Arizona State. If all three happen, however, then the Buckeyes should stamp their tickets to the Bayou. There is no way both Georgia and ASU pass OSU.


3 Responses to “How OSU Gets to the BCS Title Game”

  1. Ryan A said

    How bout this? LSU and Kansas lose, setting up a West Virginia/Missouri national championship game. Arizona State beats USC to head into the Rose Bowl meeting with Ohio State with one loss. Do we then see a split national championship if the Rose Bowl winner looks impressive and the national championship game is a yawner?

    (This reminds me of 1996. Remember that season? Undefeated #1 Florida State played 1-loss #3 Florida in the Sugar Bowl with Florida winning. One-loss #4 Ohio State beat undefeated #2 Arizona State in the Rose Bowl. Florida ended #1 and Ohio State #2. There was a lot of talk at the time that Ohio State deserved a share. The scenerio almost played out again in 1998 when 1-loss #3 OSU beat Texas A&M in the Sugar Bowl and 1-loss #2 FSU lost to undefeated #1 Tennessee in the national championship game. There was a lot of talk if FSU were to knock off UT that there would’ve been an FSU/OSU split).

  2. I wasn’t even thinking of getting into things beyond the bowl berths, but since the AP left the BCS I wouldn’t be surprised to see them crown a separate national champion.

    In this week’s Harris poll Missouri and WVU are tied. How in the hell is that possible? Well, I know how it’s possible, but think of how unlikely it is. The bummer is that the BCS only takes the rankings, not the points (I think), so there are two teams this week getting the points for #3 (WVU/Mizzou) and one team getting the points for #5 (OSU).

  3. RockKing said

    Unfortunately, I really don’t think WVU loses. Obviously Kansas or Missouri needs to lose to Oklahoma, which is a very good possibility. So that leaves LSU as the team I’ll really be watching. And as a result of that, I will be rooting hard for Tennessee to lose this weekend. I think Georgia has a much better chance of beating LSU than Tennessee does.

    And if that happens, guess what we get? WVU and their…….read option offense. I hope OSU gets their chance to redeem themselves against the read option. Prove that they can actually slow it down enough to beat it.

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