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Hughes Out For Month

Posted by disappointmentzone on 16 November 2007

Larry Hughes is expected to miss a month with the bone bruise he suffered last week against the Suns, according to Brian Windhorst. It’s never good for karma to be happy for someone to be hurt, so it’s with a wink-wink and smooth delivery that I’ll just repeat the following: Larry Hughes is out for a month.


5 Responses to “Hughes Out For Month”

  1. Ryan A said


  2. Dawg Pound said

    Hughes? Injured?

    I won’t believe it…

  3. Erik said

    Before we celebrate too much, remember that the rest of the backcourt is probably on the verge of missing 2-4 weeks themselves.

    Missing Hughes = good for the offense.

    Missing Hughes, Snow, Pavlovic and Damon Jones = Ira Newble or Shannon Brown as your starting two-guard.

    We’re all happy we won’t have to endure more 2-for-14 shooting nights from Hughes for a while, but there is a good chance this won’t end well.

  4. Is Pavlovic hurt? I thought he was just out of shape. Damon Jones is aging like Robin Williams in “Jack” and so that’s a little bit of a problem, but only as far as depth is concerned. He’s not actually offering much of anything other than minutes.

    I’d be happy to go for a Gibson-Brown-Pavlovic rotation for a couple of weeks, especially if it means Gibson gets more shots (seriously, how could he only have one attempt in the second half against the Magic?!?!).

    I’m actually looking forward to Snow returning. I heard rumors of a buyout, but I think that’s a terrible idea.

  5. was a fan said

    Hughes injured??? so what???? Same old, same old. Since he is “hurt” so often and misses so much (not only when he shoots) time, he is probably the highest paid “waste” in the league

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