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Josh Cribbs > Browns Offense

Posted by disappointmentzone on 11 November 2007

With 11:14 to go in the fourth quarter Josh Cribbs has 198 yards in kick returns.

Meanwhile the Browns have 131 yards of total offense.

Advantage: Return Game.


3 Responses to “Josh Cribbs > Browns Offense”

  1. josh said

    Romeo beat the Browns. Why use two time outs there?

    I really hope the Browns success doesn’t mirror the Cavs in that they now won’t fire the coach. We can find a better coach and still run the 3-4 and keep Chud.

  2. Matt said

    Why would you fire the coach? Because they lost by three at Pittsburgh and are tied for a wild card playoff berth right now? The two timeout blunder was not a good move, clearly, but what are your reasons for firing him, Josh? Also, there aren’t a lot of better solutions out there, either. When the future is so bright, why would you want to implement such a change? This knee-jerk reaction by fans always seems so short sighted…..

  3. josh said

    Crennel is not a super bowl caliber coach. I don’t think he is the best judge of talent once players are on the practice field — how did Charlie Frye start week 1? He adds nothing to the offensive side of the ball. He was too slow to ax Carthon last year. His defensive schemes, supposedly his forte, are lacking and have been for years. I don’t see any of the complexity that the Pats defense had, which was mostly Belichek’s doing. Sure some of that is personell but even NE was able to have schemes which masked Troy Brown as Cornerback.

    He is terrible managing the clock and instant replay. And most importantly, I don’t know what identity he brings to this team. I know how a Cowher team plays. I even know the philosophy of a Gruden coached team. or a Schottenheimer team? What exactly is a Romeo Crennel Coached team’s identity.

    We can do better then Romeo. And we’ll likely need to if we ever plan on making it far.

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