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Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 10

Posted by disappointmentzone on 11 November 2007

As I wrote earlier, Jim Tressel made two costly mistakes with timeouts. Well, the evil spirit infecting Tressel worked its way into the head of Romeo Crennel, who in the fourth quarter against the Steelers called a timeout to ponder whether to risk another timeout by challenging a play.

This was a colossal, unexplainable error. Crennel stacked the deck against himself, placed a huge bet, and — surprise! — lost: two timeouts and the challenge. It was a spectacular failure late in a tight game where the Browns were going to need all their timeouts.

This was a monumentally frustrating loss. Throughout the second half the Steelers would inch their way down the field on the first two downs, thus putting themselves right where they wanted: third and long. Third and ten? How about a 30 touchdown run! Third and 18? How about a 18 yard completion! Third and eight? How about a touchdown pass!

The defense was atrocious on all fronts. The defensive line could neither pressure nor contain Ben Roethlisberger, who either sat in the pocket for hours at a time or broke containment for big scrambles and completions. Meanwhile the secondary played something resembling a soft prevent defense. And if anyone spots a corp of linebackers wondering around the streets of Pittsburgh aimlessly — please contact local authorities. The Browns are looking for them. They apparently missed the team bus to the game this morning.

As for the offense, the first drive of the game was the most impressive drive I’ve seen this season. It was methodical, relentless, long, and successful. Derek Anderson tossed the ball around well and the running game even showed up for a play or two. How quickly things went downhill, though. Pittsburgh stepped up its defense to be sure, but the Browns just looked lost on offense. Never once did they attempt to stretch the field, Anderson had about 82 incompletions, and Lewis decided to crap the bed with heartless runs and a costly fumble. When they were finally able to move the ball — on the last drive of the game — the drive ended prematurely because the Browns were out of timeouts. Instead of third and 3 from the Steelers’ 38 yard line with about 20 seconds remaining the Browns had to spike the ball to stop the clock so they could attempt a longer-than-it-sounds 53 yard field goal into a slight wind.

Though a victory over the Steelers would have put the Browns in a commanding position to earn a playoff berth, the loss probably won’t do major damage to the Browns’ playoff hopes. The Browns remain tied for the Wild Card, although they do not hold the tie-breaker. The Browns do have a favorable schedule for hereon out and they just went to the wire against one of the best teams in football on the road. All in all it wasn’t a complete failure. The Browns had no offense, no defense, no home field advantage, and still almost won.

Josh Cribbs out-gained the entire offense, 204 yards to 163 yards. He touched the ball four times.

As for Anderson, he didn’t play well. This was his worst game of the season. Still, his worst games have come against Pittsburgh (twice) and New England. Few quarterbacks are going to have good games against those two teams and he won’t face another defense nearly as good as either of those two the rest of the regular season.

QB Score: 17
QB Score per play: .46


9 Responses to “Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 10”

  1. this is 80% the defense’s fault…they shouldn’t get a paycheck this week. it is 20% Romeo’s fault (and as the official clergy member here I verify the evil spirit that transferred from Tressel to Crennel last night) with the time out debacle…

    listening to callers on 1100 and 850 I am shocked at how some are saying Derek had a bad game. the dude did bug out in the second half…but overall…come on…he threw for 3 TD’s…it’s like if he doesn’t throw for 4 or 5 TD’s he “struggled”…whatever. if the defense can hold teams to say, oh, you know…less than 28 ppg…we’d end up 11-5 for the year…

  2. The offense didn’t exist in the second half and they still should have won — which is a testament to how well the offense played in the first half. This loss rests with the defense and head coach.

    There’s no point in ripping Anderson. The defense he faced today was incredible, not only today but in general. He had a less-than-impressive second half, but my goodness, he still doesn’t have a full season under his belt. At Pittsburgh, tough defense, sloppy conditions = hard to do anything.

    So many of the people who are quick to rip Anderson right now are the same people who were slow to warm to the idea that he could be a good quarterback in the first place. They’re shitting on him both ways. It’s annoying.

  3. RockKing said

    I get what you guys are saying about DA, but I don’t think his hands are totally clean in this loss. In the second half, his passes were nowhere near the WR’s hands. DA completed less than 50% of his passes. 2 of his 3 TD passes were the result of field position created by defense and special teams. He played a bad game. It happens.

    But like you both said, this loss falls on the heads of the defense and Crennel. Certainly not DA, although he did little outside of the first possession to help the team win.

  4. I think that Anderson was god awful. I want to see Brady Quinn.

  5. What I like about QB Score is that it does not factor TD passes into the rating. Where a pass happens, what happens after a pass — these things are immaterial and shouldn’t factor into how a QB is rated.

    Anderson didn’t play well. There’s no doubting that. Just look at his QB Score per play. But he didn’t play well on the road against an elite defense in sloppy conditions. He had a better than average first half (I think his QB Score per play was about 2.5 at halftime, a small tick above average) and a pretty terrible second half (until the last drive).

    It’s like going 1-5 with a double against Johan Santana. It sucks, but on the things that need to be addressed how well DA played is #5. The defense is #1-#3, game management protocol is #4.

  6. you can not expect perfection from your QB every week…for crying out loud…the DZ is right…he doesn’t even have a full season under his belt and he walked right to the gates of hell and fought hard…there is no doubt that he didn’t have it going in the second half…that is not the point…he certainly had the team in a great position to win at the end of the half…he didn’t throw INT’s or fumble the ball…he didn’t “loose the game” for us…the defense straight up lost this game…period. you can not ever expect your offense to just score at will every week…you can’t expect a shoot out which you always win…you’ve got to play defense…if this defense was just average the Browns would be the second best team in the AFC (especially if you don’t hold the first game against them…record wise it does of course…but nobody views that team with this team)…

  7. people act like the offense didn’t show up…it scored 3 TD’s…3 TD’s…3 TD’s…not 3 FG’s…3 TD’s…and the special teams where unreal…how can there be any doubt as to what the problem is?

  8. I just wrote a post that’ll go up Tuesday. In it I argue that if the Browns had just a league-average defense they would likely be 7-2. I’d still have them ranked behind NE and Indy, but I’d put them even with Pittsburgh, maybe even a little better (Pitt’s offense isn’t quite as good but their defense is outstanding).

    With an average defense the Browns are in the top 5 in the NFL. As it is they have the worst defense in the league and so are probably somewhere around 10th best in the NFL.

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