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Devin Brown is Good

Posted by disappointmentzone on 9 November 2007

No one likes a braggart, but….

Called it.

9 Responses to “Devin Brown is Good”

  1. that’s why literally dozens of people check in and your the DZ every week.

  2. opps…that’s why dozens READ the DZ every week…

  3. Erik said

    Yes, but Devin Brown vs. Sasha Pavlovic isn’t the heart of the matter. It’s Brown and Pavlovic vs. Larry Hughes.

    Brown/Pavs = Cavs score points and win more times than not. Hughes = 27 percent from the floor and possessions sabotaged by that thing he calls a jump shot.

    Even when Pavs goes 2-for-11 from the floor, we seem to believe that he’s going to get better. When Hughes goes 2-for-11, it’s par for the course.

  4. I kinda figured I’d written enough about how bad Hughes is — doesn’t this go without saying at this point?

    Brown was brought in because Pavlovic was holding out. Brown’s a good player, better than Pavlovic.

    Many, many players are better than Hughes. The horse is dead…though I doubt I’ll stop kicking it.

  5. Ryan A said

    I was right there with you trying to tell everybody that this was a good pick-up. I just hope people start to shut up now about the Cavs “lack of moves” this past off-season. I actually like Cedric Simmons too, so we’ll see what he does now that he’s getting healthy.

  6. Anyone who moaned about a lack of activity this off-season should be immediately disqualified from talking seriously about the Cavs.

    First, the Cavs couldn’t do anything since they were hamstrung with no cap flexibility and no attractive contracts/players for trades.

    Second, they had no draft picks.

    Third, there weren’t that many impact free agents to begin with.

    Fourth, they DID make a move that should help the team immediately: acquiring Devin Brown.

    Fifth, the DID make a move that could help the team in the long term: acquiring Cedric Simmons.

    I’m interested to see what happens with Simmons as well. He’s incredibly young and inexperienced, though I’m still wondering about his hands. He’s a good project.

  7. josh said

    I’m thrilled with the Cavs start to the season. LBJ looks even better — his jump shot looks less flat. I think having Devin and Sasha in the lineup over 82 games will help. Gibson might not be a PG but he is showing that last season’s hot streak wasn’t a fluke. I assume we’ll get in Varejao by the all-star break. Snow can still be a defensive stopper down the stretch — nothing spectacular but not terrible for the 8th or 9th guy off the bench. Hughes can focus on being an inefficent scorer off the bench as opposed to logging major minutes. Gooden is solid.

    I think Cleveland is a top 3 east team and the other two don’t have that much if any distance on the Cavs.

    I also expect we’ll sign a disgruntled vet who gets bought out sometime before the year ends. But I hope it’s not Webber. He demands the ball in his hands too much.

    I wouldn’t mind Cassell except I think Boston will get him.

  8. There was a story reported during the Cavs-Kings game about why the Cavs would never sign Webber. I don’t remember the details but something about him, Popavich, and Ferry following the lead of never signing him.

  9. One other thing: I hate Snow as the starting PG but I love the idea of him coming off the bench, especially as a defensive replacement late in games. He can guard three positions (PG, SG, SF) and is one of the best on-the-ball defenders the team has. He doesn’t turn the ball over on offense, either, which lessens his liability in games where the Cavs have a manageable lead and need to rest a starter. As long as he’s not in a close game where his huge deficiencies on offense are exposed he could have a positive impact this season.

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