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New season, same Hughes

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 November 2007

The season is only three days old but Larry Hughes is already in mid-season form. He is 9-33 from the field for a whopping 27% shooting percentage. This is dismally low, but when you look closely at the numbers the picture is even bleaker.

Here are the shooting charts for Hughes from each game of the season, courtesy of CBS

Game 1: Dallas


Game 2: New York


Game 3: Phoenix


Here is are the real numbers to focus on: 4, 22.

4: The number of jump shots Hughes has made.

22: The number of jump shots Hughes has attempted.




Quick. Which is more depressing: the fact that 67% of Hughes’s attempts have been from a distance at which he shoots only 18% or the fact that on dunks and lay-ups he’s only shooting 45%?

Not only is Hughes not shooting well, but he keeps insisting upon shooting! Not only does he keep insisting upon shooting, but he keeps insisting upon shooting from a distance at which he’s a monumentally bad shooter! When he does go inside he converts at a rate far below the league average, which means that even at his best Hughes is still completely, utterly inefficient. Factor in the lack of assists, the number of turnovers, the number of fouls, the lack of rebound, the lack of blocks, the lack of pretty much anything positive whatsoever — what you get is a player who is not good.

This is one cloud that has no silver lining. Larry Hughes is not a good basketball player.

Oh, and he’s hurt himself yet again. His minutes will be limited tonight due to a contusion.



2 Responses to “New season, same Hughes”

  1. Erik said

    Hughes’ game appears to be ruined. I still think he’s better than what he’s shown, but apparently the threat of injuries has turned him into a jump shooter. His strength is driving to the hoop, and he simply doesn’t do that anymore for fear of exactly what happened when he knocked knees with Barbosa.

    Hughes is still a reasonably strong defender, so Mike Brown will continue to play him big minutes when he’s healthy. But as the years pass, we will likely see Hughes turn into a less-durable Eric Snow.

  2. When I first thought about Hughes turning into a less-durable Eric Snow I shuddered at the thought. Then it hit me: that might be an optimistic assessment. Snow holds a huge advantage in assist to turnover ratio. Hughes is a walking bad possession. On defense it might be a toss up, at least in a few years.


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