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Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 9

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 November 2007

This weekly blog post is usually reserved for touting the abilities of Derek Anderson, which has been happening since Week 13 of last season and has not let up since. Once again Anderson played well. He got off to a slow start, with a number of incomplete passes and an interception, but finished strong (to say the least), leading the team back with 21 points in the second half and the game-winning drive in OT. All told he threw for 364 yards on 48 attempts. Both were career highs, but it’s a small number that needs a little attention: 0. As in the number of times Anderson was sacked.

After allowing five sacks to Charlie Frye in a little over a quarter in the first game of the season the Browns’ offensive line has given up only eight sacks since. That’s eight sacks in 257 pass attempts. That’s one sack every 32.1 passes. That’s one sack per game. That’s phenomenal.

The rushing attack still leaves a bit to be desired — entering OT the team had rushed for all of 50 yards — and a lot of credit has to go to Anderson, who’s quick to get rid of the ball and apt to wisely throw it away when there’s nothing available. None of this, however, takes away from the incredible job the offensive line has done this season. It is one of the best in the NFL in terms of pass protection. It is no coincidence that the team is one of the league leaders in scoring. It is also no coincidence that the Browns are suddenly playing for a playoff spot.

Now, about the defensive line….

QB Score: 205
QB Score per play: 4.10


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