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Pavlovic signs 3-year contract

Posted by disappointmentzone on 30 October 2007

Astute reader Will just posted in the comments that Sasha Pavlovic has re-signed with the Cavs, thus ending his holdout. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, though according to sources it is a three-year contract. Anderson Varejao remains unsigned.

What does this mean for the Cavs?

Honestly, probably not much. Pavlovic has been in Europe this entire time so it’s anyone’s guess how close to being in game shape he is. He very well could have spent this entire time sitting on his ass. He also missed out on learning the intricacies of the new Mike Brown offense, which should put him about, oh, three days behind (I assume he still knows how to stand around and watch LBJ hold the ball).

More seriously, of the two holdouts Pavlovic was of lesser importance, and in Devin Brown the Cavs had already found a player to replace him — at a fraction of the cost to boot. As I wrote at the time of the trade, Devin Brown is significantly better than Pavlovic. Signing Pavlovic is more like window dressing on a team that is in desperate need of an athletic big man who’s strong on defense and can run the floor. Someone like, oh, Varejao.

Until the terms of the deal are disclosed it’s probably best to refrain from making any final judgments. If the contract is worth in the vicinity of $30+ million then this was probably a huge mistake. If it’s worth closer to $20 million then things look much better. We’ll have to wait and see.

According to Brian Windhorst the contract is worth between $4-$5 million per year.


6 Responses to “Pavlovic signs 3-year contract”

  1. Erik said

    Pavs’ holdout might have just cost him his relevance to this team. With the emergence of Boobie Gibson, the expected emergence of Shannon Brown and the addition of Devin Brown, I could very easily see Pavs once again fading into the background (which, a lot of people seem to have forgotten, is where he spent two-thirds of last season).

    The deal, which is reportedly for three guaranteed years, seems reasonable enough. But paired with Damon Jones, that could be $8-9 million sitting on the end of the bench, especially if Pavs reverts back to his “offense is my defense” mode.

    I don’t expect Andy to come to terms for a while yet. His contract demands are unreasonable, but he’s proven a lot more than Pavs, and I still think he and his agent are betting that the Cavs are going get desperate for Andy’s return once they see exactly how badly Old ‘Yeller and Dwayne Jones are going to suck coming off the bench.

    At this point, an injury to Z or Drew is probably the worst thing the Cavs could endure outside of an injury to LeBron. If this team is forced to start one of their bench bigs, they are screwed. Andy and his shark agent know this.

  2. Greg Grant said

    If Pavlovic finds the end of the Cavs bench, then he is perfect mid-season trade bait. His deal most likely projects to be reasonable by NBA standards, and if he never catches up, then some other team enamored of his potential may step up to the plate come trade deadline season.

  3. josh said

    At least Howard isn’t playing tonight. It gives us a fighting chance. Did you see Simmons NBA predictions? The clips and pacers??

  4. I agree about Howard and Bill Simmons has lost whatever respect I had for his NBA knowledge. His preview was a joke.

  5. “I assume he still knows how to stand around and watch LBJ hold the ball…”


  6. RockKing said

    If Pavlovic is unable to alter the team’s dynamic, this could be a rough season. 5 years into the LBJ era, and the Cavaliers are still only as good as LeBron makes them. And seriously, where was that LeBron jumpshot we saw this summer? Yikes.

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