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Posted by disappointmentzone on 24 October 2007

The World Series is the last major sports championship in 2007. Thank god. I mean, how much more heartache can a fan take?

* The Ohio State Football Buckeyes get whooped by Florida in the BCS Championship Game

* The Ohio State Basketball Buckeyes get whooped by Florida in the NCAA National Championship

* The Cleveland Cavaliers get whooped by the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals

* The Cleveland Indians lose to the Boston Red Sox in the de facto World Series, the 2007 ALCS

2007 has been one of the most rewarding and painful years in recent memory. So many teams have come so close to the sweet taste of glory only to wind up on the wrong end of a trophy presentation. Fortunately we’re out of the woods.

Wait…. What’s that? The BCS standings are in? So what?…. Huh?…. Really?….. Oh…. Good grief!


At the start of the season few people gave the Buckeyes a shot of making a return trip to the BCS Championship, but here we are, eight weeks into the season, and there they are, atop the BCS standings. If there is kindness in the world the Buckeyes will face Boston College in the BCS Championship. Because let’s be real here: LSU is scary.


2 Responses to “Bridesmade”

  1. Haze said

    “Because let’s be real here: LSU is scary.”

    Yes, but so long as we’re heavily favored I’m sure we’ll win.

  2. I actually think the Buckeyes would have a pretty good shot at beating LSU. Leading into the game we’d probably experience something like what happened when OSU faced Miami, only without all the talk about an unstoppable offense. An under-the-radar OSU team is a danger and, despite being #1, I think that’s what this OSU team is.

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