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Votes Are In: LBJ Good, Cavs…Not So Much

Posted by disappointmentzone on 23 October 2007

Each year all the GMs in the NBA gather together in a small drafty shack deep in the wilderness of upper Maine to huddle around a single flame rising from the old wingtips of Red Auerbach and divine the future of the league. ESPN publishes the results. Here’s what you need to know.

According to the GMs….

The Spurs will be the NBA Champions even though the Mavs will finish ahead of them in the Southwest Division. The Spurs will beat the Suns in the Western Conference Finals, so once again Phoenix will have to settle for being champions of the Pacific Division and nothing more. Utah is the other division winner in the West, but it’s not clear if they matter at all.

Who will the Spurs beat for the title? Well, take your pick. The Pistons are just as likely to represent the Eastern Conference as the Boston Celtics, though the Celtics have no chance in the Finals whereas the Pistons have a 7% chance of winning it all. Do not attempt to figure out how these teams are equally likely to be in the Finals but only Detroit has a chance to win the Finals. It has to do something with match-ups… or something. Things get even more twisted when you realize that the Pistons won’t even finish atop the Central Division. That honor goes to the Bulls. Accordingly, the Cavs will be in a battle with Milwaukee and Indiana for the third-best record in the Central. Miami and Boston will win their divisions, but they might as well not show up after April.

Finally, LeBron James will be the Most Valuable Player of the league. No, his team won’t repeat as Eastern Conference champions, nor will the play in the Eastern Conference Finals, nor will they win their division, nor will they have home court advantage in the playoffs, nor will they…. You get the picture.

The GMs have spoken.

LeBron James = Good.

The Cleveland Cavaliers = Less Good.


5 Responses to “Votes Are In: LBJ Good, Cavs…Not So Much”

  1. RockKing said

    Sounds about right, I suppose. If we’ve learned anything over the last 2 seasons, though, it’s that as long as LeBron is playing, we have a chance to beat anyone in the East. Here’s to hoping for Shannon Brown to step up in a big time way. His impact in the preseason has been inconclusive/minimal, but without Andy and Sasha, we need more production from somewhere, and unfortunately Shannon looks like our best hope.


  2. Erik said

    When I looked at the Cavs’ November schedule, I decided that I would put most of my faith in the Browns for the rest of the year.

    The Cavs start off with the Mavs (blowout loss), a Knicks team that always gives them fits (probably another loss). By then, their confidence will be so damaged, they might go 1-5 or 0-6 on the ensuing Western swing.

    When they return, they have an improved Orlando team and an always-tough Utah team. The rest of the month includes games against Indiana, Boston, Detroit and two against Toronto.

    By the time most of us are stringing Christmas lights, the Cavs might be 3-14 or 2-15. I’m serious.

    November is going to be a disaster for this team. Even if they get Andy and Sasha signed in the next seven days, they’re going to be so behind the curve with the new offense, Mike Brown will probably have no choice but to staple them to the bench for the first month of the season.

    The worst part is, if LeBron thinks this team doesn’t have a shot, he’s going to play on cruise control. He’s going to stall the offense by dribbling the ball up top, and he’s going to get really sick of getting beaten up in the post if it’s not leading to wins.

    I have a bad feeling about this season. At least the ’07 portion. Right now, this team has 35 wins written all over it.

  3. Erik I think you’re way off base here. With Varejao the Cavs are a 49-53 win team. Without him they’re probably a 45-48 win team. 35 wins is pessimistic.

  4. Haze said

    I’ve decided I’m a Colorado/Denver fan now. How are the Nuggests doing?

  5. Erik said

    It’s not even so much that they’re missing Andy and Sasha and what they specifically bring to the table. It’s just this feeling that, as a result, the team is in a huge funk. I’m getting the same vibe off the Cavs right now that I got off the Indians in late July when they couldn’t have scored runs if they were swinging railroad ties.

    The Cavs aren’t exactly entering the season on a tidal wave of confidence. More specifically, LeBron James isn’t entering the season on a tidal wave of confidence.

    I think the Cavs will play much better later on in the season. I’m just wondering if November is going to drop them into a huge hole.

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