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Suck it, Boston

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 October 2007

Everywhere I turn I see people making the argument that if any team can come back from being down 3-1 it’s the Red Sox. Hell, they came back from being down 3-0 in 2004 so they must be suited to do it in 2007! Um, no. I’m not sure how much bearing the team’s success in 2004 has on this team’s success in 2007, but my guess is very little.

That’s not stopping Red Sox fans from being insufferable, though.

To get you in the mood for Game 5 let me offer up this brief exchange I just had with a friend of mine from Boston:

Him: You forget this is the Boston Red Sox.  We invented playoff magic. We’ll see you ComeLatelys in a few hours.

Me: If by “playoff magic” you mean choking away every opportunity except for 2004 then yes, you’re right. Of course, it is typical of a Boston fan to think that the Red Sox invented anything. The Cubs invented losing and the Yankees invented buying their way to the top. The Red Sox are derivative and right now they’re also redundant: the AL already has its World Series representative. Just go home already and hang up your pink cap. It’s over.

Suck it, Boston.


4 Responses to “Suck it, Boston”

  1. kiddicus said

    my friends from Boston are not my friends this week.

  2. Haze said

    This season is a wonderful cancer on me. Go tribe

  3. Thom said

    Tell your friend that he is correct – sort of. If by “magic” he means losing then he is correct – they DID invent it. Refer him to 1948 when the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians finished tied for first with identical records [sound familiar?]. They played the very first playoff game ever. Cleveland won. They then went on to beat the Boston Braves in the World Series.
    Tell your friend you are sorry, that you didn’t realize HOW MUCH BOSTON had invented when it cam to losing “magic”.

  4. Brian said

    This is a beautiful thread.

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