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ALCS Game 5: Gulp

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 October 2007

You know how it’s impossible for clinically depressed people to think themselves into happiness? Well it’s impossible for Cleveland fans to think themselves into confidence. I’ve officially begun to prepare myself for the (inevitable) let down that is the ugly bride of every Cleveland sports fan.

My emotional self is beating down my rational mind. Here’s the tale of the tape:


* In games not started by Josh Beckett the Indians are 3-0
* Number of future games to be started by Beckett: 0
* The Indians have already won in Boston
* Fausto Carmona vs Curt Schilling = advantage Cleveland


* The Drive
* The Fumble
* Jose Mesa
* 2004 ALCS

Game 5 was a cosmic hip check to put us back in our place. We were riding too high after Game 4. Statisticians call it regressing to the mean. I call it all too expected. We should have known. We should have known!


5 Responses to “ALCS Game 5: Gulp”

  1. Nick said

    100% correct… I just wish it didn’t have to be the game i went to ;(

  2. kiddicus said

    Beckett was ridiculous last night. That curve combined with a 95+ fastball made him damn near unhittable. CC still doesn’t have his best stuff, although when he had the bases loaded he was going back for some extra and finding 97mph fastballs. I’d take him in control throwing 92-94 over last night’s performance anyday, but you get what you get.

    The Red Sux have to beat us with Shilling and Dice-K, both of whom weren’t able to make it out the 4th inning in their first start. I like our chances

  3. It’s useless to tell Cleveland fans to chill out..but let’s not get into panic mode here. I’m certainly concerned, but the Indians have proved resiliant most of the season and have already won two road playoff games. I was at last night’s game and the crowd was really buzzed going in. The Youk homer seemed to sap the crowd and set the tone, and Beckett was in top playoff form. Disappointing all in all, but not a dagger. Let Carmona be on his game tomorrow night so we can have a nice relaxing Sunday.


    * Red Sox are significantly worse against RHP than LHP.
    * Carmona and Westbrook are both RHP.
    * So are Lewis, Betancourt, and Borowski
    * Carmona gets the low strike he’s unhittable.

  5. sportsmonkey said

    Well, mathematically speaking, the tribe got 75% chance to win one out of two games.
    The Red Sox has 25% chance to win both games.

    This kind of odds I’ll take any day.

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