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ALDS Game 2: bugs!

Posted by disappointmentzone on 5 October 2007

The Bug Game.

Cleveland finally has a pithy shorthand for a sporting event that will be remember as a positive instead of a negative (The Drive, anyone?). So that’s a good thing. So is winning. So is going up 2-0 heading to New York, where well trot out Westbrook, who’s been one of the best starters since the All-Star break, against Clemens, who has pitched about seven innings in the last month. At the worst the Indians will have CC Sabathia on full rest for Game Five. That’s a good thing too.

Sat behind three guys from New York. For NY fans they were better than I expected…until Joba entered the game and they repeatedly called him a Hall of Famer. Then they tried to convince people that yes, indeed, Joba is a Hall of Famer, all while convulsing like an epileptic at the sight of that other-worldly slider. Then Joba allowed a run to score without giving up a hit and they shut up.

Why didn’t Joe Torre ask for the game to be delayed when the bugs descended? Joba was clearly rattled and later the ump said that he was close to putting the game in a bug delay. All Torre needed to do was ask. Could have been the difference.

Had the Indians not won in the bottom of the 11th I think 18% of the crowd would have died from exhaustion. Another 23% would have lost their voices and an additional 7% would have developed debilitating blisters from clapping for four straight hours. The Indians had to win in the 11th and they did. Fantastic.

Fausto Carmona is a beast. An absolute beast. He does not tire and he does not back down from anyone. His performance tonight was one for the ages.

Ditto for Perez. Four perfect innings so far and each of those innings have been huge.

All Kenny Lofton does is get on base. The man in a machine.

Oh, and Alex Rodriguez is doing everything he can to gain an edge. Unfortunately none of it is working.

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)


3 Responses to “ALDS Game 2: bugs!”

  1. HuskerTribeFan said

    Dag! That was one hell of a game!! Carmona was just unstoppable. What a thrill to see some serious starting pitching on the Indians. Remember the 90s? We never quite landed an ace then, did we? This team just seems to hang in there and hang in there and then take advantage of the opportunities. And it was great to see Hafner get that dinger last night and then the game winner tonight. If he gets rolling, look out. And then there’s Lofton. What year is this, again? Wow. Again, this team is fun to watch. This team is the kind of team that goes on to win the Worl… uh… is that even possible in Cleveland? One game at a time… one game at a time…

  2. Hold it, Husker! Just keep repeating to yourself “one game at a time. one game at a time…”

  3. firedannyainge said

    Both teams had to deal with the bugs. Whining about it is stupid.

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