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More powerful than Cavs: Spurs, Celtics, Suns, Rockets, Pistons, Mavericks

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 October 2007

This NBA offseason has been a trying experience.

The biggest news story of the summer was the Kobe Bryant saga, a bad soap opera masquerading as a Greek drama that saw Kobe try to weasel his way out of Los Angeles. The biggest story right now is Shawn Marion feeling like the forgotten child in Phoenix. In between there was a story about AK47 wanting to leave the NBA for Russia. And occupying the local airwaves is are ies Sasha Pavlovic wanting to ditch the NBA for Europe and Anderson Varejao holding out for $10M/yr.

Yes, this has been a tough summer for NBA fans, especially Cavs fans, and it just got a little worse. Marc Stein has unveiled his first NBA power rankings of the season and lo! the Boston Celtic are second most powerful team in the league. I guess KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth are the one true cure for all that ails.

Where are the Cavs?


Here’s the top 10:

#1 San Antonio Spurs

#2 Boston Celtics

#3 Phoenix Suns

#4 Houston Rockets

#5 Detroit Pistons

#6 Dallas Mavericks

#7 Cleveland Cavaliers

#8 Utah Jazz

#9 Golden State Warriors

#10 Chicago Bulls

Hey! At least the Indians are in the playoffs!


4 Responses to “More powerful than Cavs: Spurs, Celtics, Suns, Rockets, Pistons, Mavericks”

  1. Erik said

    Marc Stein doesn’t like the Cavs. He never gives them the benefit of the doubt. He’s universally critical of them, and the instant things go a little bad, he starts predicting calamity for them. Which really doesn’t make him any different than Charley Rosen or any other national NBA commentator.

    If the Cavs situation doesn’t improve significantly (read: undeniably, even by the standards of the most vehement Cav-haters) between now and the start of the season, I fully expect Stein and his cohorts to stumble all over themselves predicting a 30-win season, no playoffs and a malcontented LeBron inching ever closer to his 2010 date with a contract and pen in the Brooklyn Nets front office.

  2. What I can’t get behind is the thought that the Celtics are the second best team in the league (or whatever the hell power rankings in the preseason signify).

  3. Haze said

    Its still the Celtics. That’s it. They’re not going to be THAT good. As far as Sasha, he’s holding on the Cavs, that’s also it. He’s just doing it in a different way than Carrot Top. And who can belame them, or not expect this to surface? We all knew the Cavs would hold out on signing them because they’re restricted free agents. Of course we’d hear something like this. They’re both signable, and the good news is I think if Hughes has a semi-decent start to the season we can trade him for budlight and open up the salary cap… this is the NBA, after all. Jesus is our power forward, we’ll be fine. I’ll still bitch about every game, though, but probably a lot less because now I’m (thank heavens) not in a position to watch most of their games. I’m such an asshole fan I love it.

  4. Ben said

    It’s one thing to put Boston ahead of the Cavs, I can somewhat understand that (Cavs getting swept in the Finals and not making an moves in the offseason vs big name acquisitions) but its a whole other story putting them 2nd overall, seeing as they don’t have a point guard and a bench. Plus, they are still coached by Doc Rivers.

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