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Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 4

Posted by disappointmentzone on 1 October 2007

Well that was a nice little win. It always feel good to beat your former team.

Here is a quick fact: After only four week the Browns have doubled their division win total from the previous two seasons and for at least the next three weeks the Browns will have more division wins than the Bengals. Suck on that, Cincinnati!

Derek Anderson got off to a hot start — after the first two series his QB Score per play was a Godly 16.83 — and other than the interception in the second quarter he managed the game quite well. Although the run defense is still cringe-worthy, the defense did show up in the read zone, which kept Baltimore at bay. Truthfully the game was never close. The Edwards TD catch absolutely sucked the life out of the Ravens, which is always a wonderful site. Now if only the team could figure out a way of literally sucking the life out of Art Model…

Since the Browns are 2-2 and have looked like a professional football team for 9.5 of the last 12 quarters it’s probably about time to start rejiging expectations. I mean, we have a quarterback now, a legitimate threat at wide receiver, a dominating tight end, and a solid offensive line. So what if the defense is mostly a sieve? There are a few guys on that side of the ball who are quality. For the moment that will suffice just fine.

Glancing at the schedule it’s clear that the Browns have a fair chance to finish October with a 4-3 record, with game against Miami and St. Louis being eminently winnable and the game against New England being decidedly not. We should probably classify games against Arizona, New York, Buffalo, and San Fransisco as winnable. The games at Cincinnati, at Baltimore, and home game against Huston do not look so bleak, either. Right now I have the Browns going 1-3 in November and 4-1 in December to finish at 9-7.


That can’t be right.

We might be getting ahead of ourselves a little. Time to slow down.

Winning five games would surpass all expectations heading into the season. Let’s set the bar there. With two wins in hand this is an attainable goal, especially if Derek Anderson keeps playing as well has he has so far.

Game 4:

QB Score: 121
QB Score per play: 6.37

Season total:

QB Score: 319
QB Score per play: 2.42


One Response to “Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 4”

  1. kiddicus said

    i almost went outside and did something productive instead of sitting in front of a TV all Sunday afternoon drinking beer… but I didn’t. I grabbed my TV and sat around outside in front of a TV all Sunday afternoon drinking beer. I couldn’t believe when, right after they showed the “ravens haven’t allowed a first quarter TD in 347298 games” stat we punched one in on a 2-yard pass to Joey J.

    I have family in Baltimore. I called EVERY SINGLE ONE of them to rub it in a little.

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