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Cleveland Indians 2007 ALDS schedule

Posted by disappointmentzone on 30 September 2007

The Cleveland Indians will be hosting the New York Yankees in the American League Divisional Series beginning on Thursday, October 4th. Here is the schedule for the five game series (home games in red):

GAME 1: Thursday, October 4th: TBS, 6:30 pm

  • CC Sabathia (19-7, 3.21 ERA) vs Chien-Ming Wang (19-7, 3.70)

GAME 2: Friday, October 5th: TBS, 5:00 pm

  • Fausto Carmona (19-8, 3.06) vs Andy Pettitte (15-9, 4.05)

GAME 3: Sunday, October 7th: TBS or TNT, 6:30 pm

  • Jake Westbrook (6-9, 4.32) vs Roger Clemens (6-6, 4.18)

GAME 4: Monday October 8th: TBS, 6:00 pm (if necessary)

  • Paul Byrd (15-8, 4.59) vs TBD

GAME 5: Wednesday, October 10th: TBS, 5:00 pm (if necessary)

  • CC Sabathia (19-7, 3.21 ERA) vs TBD


These are the tentative starters as were announced Sunday night. The Indians’ starter for Game 4 will likely be determined by how the first three games of the series go. The rationale for starting Byrd in Game 4 is that it would allow Carmona to start Game 1 of the ALCS on complete rest. But there will be no Game 1 of the ALCS for the Indians if they can’t put away the Yankees, so if the team is in trouble I imagine Wedge would use Sabathia on short rest and slot Carmona in for Game 5 and then figure it out from there.


Indians postseason TV schedule [UPDATE 3x]


5 Responses to “Cleveland Indians 2007 ALDS schedule”

  1. Ben Parker said

    what’s wrong w/ u dude, calling yr blog the disappointment zone? way to bail on the tribe. I’m a tigers fan living in A2 (tho I hate the wolverines). I’ll be routing for the Indians (all post-season, right up thru the world series). You gots to represent for the ALC, brother.

  2. SoxFanWithAHeart said

    Yeah man, don’t bail on your team yet. It really looks like they have a damn good chance to at least take the Yankees, and they do have a strong team. I mean, look at the way they played tonight! Give the tribe a chance, dude. I hope to see you guys in the ALCS, and, although I would love to see my Sox go to the World Series, the Indians would be my second choice to root for. Plus, I’d take Carmona over Pettitte as a starter any day of the week, and Clemens has had some major issues. So even if you drop one of the first three, Sabathia can go on short rest. That still gives you a pretty good chance for the win, and then Carmona still can start game 1 on full rest. Also, its about getting through. Beat the crap out of those Yanks, then worry about the ALCS.

    Good luck, and don’t give up yet.

  3. Thanks for the comments, but I have no idea what either of you two are talking about. If you read through the posts you’ll come to realize that no on here has bailed on any team. The Indians top starters are far better than anything the Yankees will through at the Indians and as long as they pitch how they can (and even if they don’t, as we learned last night) the Indians will be fine.

  4. Steve said

    They’re misinterpreting the name of your entire blog having to do only with the 2007 Indians, and not with the fact that you’re a Cleveland sports fan. I’m in the same boat with you, “The Disappointment Zone” is very appropriate when we haven’t won anything since 1964.

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