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TV Highlights: Sept 28-30

Posted by disappointmentzone on 28 September 2007

Here’s a quick guide to maximizing your weekend sports viewing.


If you’re not inclined to go out then set your dial to Cleveland vs Kansas City (8:10p, SportsTime Ohio). One of the teams ranked ahead of OSU plays a potentially difficult road game tonight, so make sure to flip to West Virginia at South Florida (ESPN2).


Start with Notre Dame at Purdue (12:00p, ESPN). When cutaways to Charlie Weis’s bulbous sub-bellybutton area start to drive you nuts flip to the regional Big Ten game (Big Ten Network). For those in Ohio the game is Michigan at Northwestern.

At 3:30p switch over to Michigan State at Wisconsin (ABC/ESPN). It’s never too early to start sizing up the competition, especially with Wisconsin coming to the Horseshoe on November 3rd. To get your fix of offense flip to California at Oregon (ABC/ESPN). If the total score in that game is below 70 I’ll refund your money.

Grab a quick bite to eat — pizza is good, as is anything grilled — before diving into Alabama at Florida State at 5:00p (CBS). Root for a hurricane before tuning into the Indians at Royals at 7:10p (STO).

At 8:00p turn on Ohio State at Minnesota (ESPN2). Flip to Auburn at Florida (ESPN) at timeouts and if OSU goes up by 20 points then flip to USC at Washington (ABC) as this game has consequences for OSU.  .

Those with Versus should watch a little bit of the Cincinnati at San Diego State game at 10:00p.


Sunday afternoon means Cleveland Browns football and this week it means the Browns vs Ravens (1:00p, CBS). The game is not in HD. If the crappy SD picture and crappy Browns play makes the game too difficult to watch, wait until 2:10p to watch the Indians at Royals (STO) in the last game of the season. Home field advantage could be on the line so try to push 2005 out of your head.

If you live in Ohio you are stuck with crummy late afternoon games unless you have a dish, so do some yard work and wait until Sunday Night Football at 8:00p for the Eagles at Giants (NBC).


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