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Playoff thought

Posted by disappointmentzone on 28 September 2007

While listening to Bill Simmons’s podcast this morning — he is certain that Boston will sweep the Angels (surprise!) and that the Yankees will win three of four against the Indians (of course!) — I had this one recurring thought: the Indians need to face the Angles in the ALCS, and not just because the Tribe is 5-5 against the Angles without playing a single game in Cleveland.

You know what another Boston-New York ALCS means: countless mini features on ESPN and FOX about reversing curses and best all time rivalries and evil empires and fan nations and so on and so forth.

For the love of all things decent and original there cannot be another Red Sox vs Yankees ALCS. It is tired and I have no faith whatsoever in any mainstream media outlet to do a good job in covering the series. Also, it would mean the Yankees winning the series (they are deep inside Boston’s head) and representing the AL in the World Series, which is a deeply depressing thought.

Go Tribe!


One Response to “Playoff thought”

  1. Haze said

    I wouldn’t feel any better about Boston representing. I would love to see the Tribe play the Yanks and Boston and beat them both. That, to me, is just a hair short of the whole thing.

    It just kills me to think my postseason hopes for glory rest on a team that crushed me as a kid. Here’s another thought… even if we get past Boston and New York, we could still end up losing to the Cubs, the Mets, or Philly (mortal enemy team).

    I just… I’m starting to get chest pains from this.

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