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What’s the matter with Kansas? Week 4

Posted by disappointmentzone on 27 September 2007

What’s the matter with Kansas? is the Disappointment Zone’s weekly report on the voting of the 65 media members who cast ballots in the AP Top 25 College Football Poll.

After blowing out a completely underwhelming Northwestern squad last Saturday the Ohio State Football Buckeyes received no extra love in the AP Top 25 poll. They remain stuck at #8 heading into a prime time showdown with uninspiring Minnesota, owners of one of the worst defenses in the country to go along with an offense that shouldn’t exactly strike fear into anyone’s hearts. The game is on the road, though, so maybe with another convincing win the Buckeyes might be able to leapfrog a Texas team that is ranked #7 not for what they’ve done on the field but for where they started ranked in the preseason. Teams 6-1 are all demonstrably better than the Buckeyes, but four of those teams face each other in the coming weeks and so Ohio State are in a position to ride the misfortunes of others and a relatively easy Big Ten schedule to another BCS controversy. The Buckeyes have a legitimate shot at going undefeated but if the current trends hold and two other teams (Oklahoma and LSU, say) go undefeated as well then Buckeye fans can say goodbye to the BCS title game and hello to comparisons to the Auburn team from a few years ago.

Best Media Members of the Week

Tom Keegan of the Lawrence Journal, who ranked OSU #5

Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star, who ranked OSU #5

Ray Rotto of the San Francisco Chronicle, who ranked OSU #5

Tom Keegen does not disappoint ever. This is his fourth week as the Best Media member. He’s as consistent as Joe Borowski is scary, which is to say he’s very consistent….. Ray Rotto returns once again to this heralded list. It’s his third appearance on the BMMotW…… Mike DeArmond is making his first appearance. Welcome to the club, Mr. DeArmond.


If you’re looking for that trusty soul that will keep Ohio State from playing in the National Championship game even if the team goes undefeated then look no further than the Douche of the Week. It’s the same guy who keeps putting South Carolina at #4 and is without a doubt the biggest thorn in all OSU fans’ sides. You’d have to say that the smart money is on this guy to always be the DofW as he’s been the Douch each week since this little list started. By now he needs to introduction. This is his award.

Douch of the Week

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, who ranked OSU #13


The Lesser Douches list has for the past couple of weeks been filled with other media member ranking OSU higher than the rest of their peers but lower thank Jon Wilner. In that time we might have lost sight of what the Lesser Douche award is supposed to honor and that’s people who idiotically rank Michigan high. The team has fought back to .500 and has yet to play a road game and one of their victories is over arguably the worst team in college football. So of course they’re deserving of a place in the Top 25.

Um, no.

Lesser Douches of the Week

Craig James of CBS, who ranked Michigan #19

Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News, who ranked Michigan #22

Chris Fowler of ESPN, who ranked Michigan #22

Glenn Guilbeau of Gannett Louisiana, who ranked Michigan #23

Aditi Kinkhabwala of the Bergen Record, who ranked Michigan #24

Pete DiPrimio of the Ft. Wayne News, who ranked Michigan #25


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