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Quarterbacks worse than DA this season

Posted by disappointmentzone on 27 September 2007

Dave Berri is the co-author of The Wages of Wins, main blogger at the WoW Journal, and the mind behind the quarterback rating metric QB Score, which I use each week when discussing Derek Anderson. Yesterday Berri published the list of accumulative QB Scores through the first three weeks of the season and Derek Anderson placed a solid 13 (out of 34 qualifying quarterbacks). Here is a partial list of quarterback who in the first three games have not played as well at Anderson:

Bret Favre (17)
Eli Manning (19)
Vince Young (20)
Philip Rivers (26)
Alex Smith (28)
Drew Brees (33)
Rex Grossman (34)

Now for a quick note on QB Score, NFL passer rating, and why Anderson fares well in QB Score (he’s 18th in passer rating).

QB Score is superior to the NFL’s passer rating (in my opinion at least) in part because it’s far easier to calculate and in part because it takes into account what a quarterback does with his legs. The “running game” of a quarterback is important to consider not only for what it means to a quarterback like McNabb but also for what it means to someone like Derek Anderson. To keep a high passer rating you are better off taking a -20 yard sack than throwing the ball out of bounds for a 0 yard gain. These incredibly costly plays are the plays Anderson does a great job avoiding, which is going a long way in keeping his QB score inflated above others who are historically better quarterbacks. Not taking sacks is a very big deal. Anderson is good at that.


One Response to “Quarterbacks worse than DA this season”

  1. kiddicus said

    for all the haters and the naysayers, give the kid a break. He’s not Peyton. He’s not Johnny U. He’s not Bradshaw. Hell, he’s not even Bernie but for the time being, he’s keeping Quinn from getting killed.

    Not that Brady-baby would fare that poorly, but if you’re able to give him time on the bench to watch the games and learn the plays – get a feel for the speed of the game and watch DA take the brunt of the Ravens and the Pats – take it.

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