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Cleveland Browns, less powerful than before

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 September 2007

Which is the true Browns team? The one that dropped 51 on Cincinnati or the one that couldn’t score when it mattered against Oakland? Will Derek Anderson be able to resist the urge to make impossible throws into triple coverage like Bret Favre or is he doomed to make five potentially costly throwing errors each Sunday? Is Jamal Lewis going to justify 20 carries in a game any time soon or was the 215 yard outburst a freak occurrence? Can I think of any more relevant questions or should I just end this tired introduction right now?

Here is what we do know. The Browns defense stinks and the NFL experts think the Browns are not very powerful.

On to the rankings!

Browns ranking last week: 25.8
Browns ranking this week: 27.2
Dr. Z, Sports Illustrated: 27

It’s a tough call, all right. Granted, they did beat the Bengals in that track meet, but I can’t put them above the Raiders, right? You say I can, that the timeout before the field goal shouldn’t count? Right. Let’s move on.

ESPN staff, 27

The Browns’ defense is playing like a dog. Cleveland is 31st in total yards allowed, 31st in rushing yards allowed and has given up 11 TDs, most in the league. “We’re going to look at everything,” Romeo Crennel told the Plain Dealer.

Ryan Stetson, 27

Romeo Crennel says he wants to change the defense. I’m not sure what he’s planning on, but it’s probably a good idea. The Browns are allowing 430 yards a game.

Peter Schrager, 28

A week after the shocking victory over Cincinnati, Cleveland came a last-second blocked field goal shy of improving to 2-1. The Raiders got the best of the Browns in the 26-24 loss. If there was a bright spot in the defeat, though, it was the play of return man Joshua Cribbs. Cribbs returned a kick for a score 98 yards in the second half. It was the former college quarterback’s second kick return TD of the year. If he keeps it up, he’ll be representing the Browns in the Pro Bowl as the AFC’s return man in February.

Pete Prisco, CBS 27

They are a blocked field goal away from being 2-1. At least they’re playing better. It’s baby steps for this team.

Dennis Dillon, Sporting News: 27

The defense has allowed 11 TD passes and 176.3 yards rushing per game. Yikes.

One observation. The Browns lost to a team that was riding an 11 game losing streak and Ryan Stetson deems the team more powerful than last week. This is just one of the many reasons why power rankings are silly.


2 Responses to “Cleveland Browns, less powerful than before”

  1. Haze said

    We need LeBron as runningback. I’m serious. If he used the same ‘footwork’ that confuses everyone in the NBA he’d make Reggie Bush look like a moron with that little two-step thing.

  2. Haze said

    BTW, why does this almost neevr seem to happen. I think there was one guy who played for all three major leagues but seriously, if it happens in college it should happen at the pro level as well. Say you’re a basketball player and you run well.. why would punt returning be so difficult? You’re used to avoiding defenders to get to the basket. All I can say is I’d care a lot more about football if Pedreo Martinez tried quarterback for a day. Because he’d totally get his ass kicked. LOL.

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