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Quick Indians notes

Posted by disappointmentzone on 22 September 2007

* “Other 54 games” record: 37-8

* Right now the only way the Indians don’t play a game in October is if they lose the rest of their games. If the Indians win one more game the Tigers would have to go undefeated in order to force a one game playoff on October 1st. That game would be played at home.

* In the last month:

  • The Indians are 23-7
  • The Yankees are 18-9
  • The Angels are 18-12
  • The Red Sox are 16-13

* In the last two series the Indians play Seattle and Kansas City. The Mariners are 12-18 in the last month and the Royals are 11-18.

* Right now the Indians have a 99.99126% chance of making the playoffs.


2 Responses to “Quick Indians notes”

  1. Ryan A said

    It’s like old times at the Jake. Yesterday I waited in line for over a half our to get tickets at the box office and it was 10:30am.

  2. It’s nice to see a crowd at the Jake and it only took Cleveland 150+ games to show up. $1 hot dogs to get them in the door and then wow them with the product on the field, just how PT Barnum drew it up many years ago.

    Um…Go Tribe!

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