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Posted by disappointmentzone on 19 September 2007



5 Responses to “3”

  1. Haze said

    Tied for 1st with the best record in baseball. Youngest contending team. No players leaving for free agency. Prospects up the ass.

    Its 1995 again, except I have more hair.

  2. Lets hope we go 8-2 over the final 10 and take the #1 seed.

    This team has the character to go to the World Series and win it. The National League is so shaky.

  3. Ben said

    Detroit gives me joy. LeBron’s 48. Tribe late game sweep. Brady Quinn destroying the Lions’ 4th stringers.

    Suck it Motown.

  4. Thanks to a Russ Adams grand slam the Indians are now the top team in the AL.

    Suck it Motown, Beantown, Tinseltown.

  5. dave . . . said

    3 is such an awesome number – dale earnhardt, babe ruth, allen iverson, et al certainly come to mind. hopefully, it will only be the indians magic number for but one more day and it will be reduced to either 2 or 1 after friday’s games. playoffs here we come!!!

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