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Indians postseason TV schedule [UPDATE 4x]

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 September 2007

Here are the postseason schedules for the American League:

Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees

[UPDATE: Broadcast booth: Bob Brenly, Chip Caray, and Tony Gwynn]
[UPDATE: Official game times]

Game 1: Thurs Oct 4: TBS 6:30p
Game 2: Fri Oct 5: TBS 5:00p
Game 3: Sun Oct 7: TBS/TNT 6:30p
Game 4: Mon Oct 8: TBS (if necessary) 6:00p
Game 5: Wed Oct 10: TBS (if necessary) 5:00p

Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angles

[UPDATE: Broadcast booth: Ted Robinson, Steve Stone]
[UPDATE: Official game times]

Game 1: Wed Oct 3: TBS 6:30p
Game 2: Fri Oct 5: TBS 8:30p
Game 3: Sun Oct 7: TBS 3:00p
Game 4: Mon Oct 8: TBS (if necessary) 9:30p
Game 5: Wed Oct 10: TBS (if necessary) 8:30p

Should the Indians advance beyond the ALDS the schedule is set in stone.


Game 1: Fri Oct 12: FOX 7:00pm
Game 2: Sat Oct 13: FOX 8:00pm
Game 3: Mon Oct 15: FOX 7:00pm
Game 4: Tues Oct 16: FOX 8:00pm
Game 5: Thurs Oct 18: FOX (if necessary) 8:00pm
Game 6: Sat Oct 20: FOX (if necessary) TBD
Game 7: Sun Oct 21: FOX (if necessary) TBD

World Series

[All games begin at 8:00pm EST]

Game 1: Wed Oct 24: FOX
Game 2: Thurs Oct 25: FOX
Game 3: Sat Oct 27: FOX
Game 4: Sun Oct 28: FOX
Game 5: Mon Oct 30: FOX (if necessary)
Game 6: Wed Oct 31: FOX (if necessary)
Game 7: Thurs Nov 1: FOX (if necessary)

fn 1: Last night’s paid attendance was just over 28,000, which is pathetic. There were approx 33,000 in attendance, according to WTAM, as roughly 5,000 season ticket holders attended the game using tickets from rain days. 33,000 is still pathetic. The Jake holds over 42,000. Where are the fans? Waiting at home for the team to get good? Hungover from a surprising Browns victory?

8 Responses to “Indians postseason TV schedule [UPDATE 4x]”

  1. Haze said

    Thanks, that’s very helpful. I WOULD be at the jake but I’m not in town anymore. But this is still going to be fun to watch.

  2. kiddicus said

    it was a Monday night… weeknight games in September are rough.

    Excuses but I’m saving $ for my post-season tickets. I hear the World Series tix are gonna be expensive

  3. Weeknights are tough, but I would have thought the circumstances (game against division rival, playoff race) would have dictated a larger crowed. Of course if the Jake offers hot dogs for $1 it sells out. Go figure.

    It’s just a little depressing is all. I was at the game Monday night and everyone who was there was on their feet pretty much from Peralta’s second homer on. It was an incredibly atmosphere that was only held back by the huge sections unfilled with fans.

    I bought ALDS tickets yesterday and if the price markups for those are any indication of what World Series tickets are going to cost…yikes.

  4. kiddicus said

    no joke. They denied me for ALDS tickets when I tried to get some… any knowledge of ways (besides scalpers… eff them) to obtain some would be greatly appreciated. e-mail up there.

  5. Tom said

    I heard on the radio that Game 1 ALDS is scheduled for the afternoon. Is that correct? What time?

  6. Tom,

    I have yet to see anything on when the Indians would play and I doubt there would be such an announcement before the schedule is set, which won’t happen until after the season is over. I’ve updated the page with the likely start times for each game, eliminating the 10p start times as those will likely go to a west coast game, whereas the Indians will be playing all their ALDS in the east.

  7. corey torre said

    when are the first 2 games being played? I’m trying to come out to Cleveland but the game time being up i the air is making me nuts with travel arrangements! HELP!!

  8. The times haven’t been announced and won’t be announced before tomorrow as there is a one game playoff tomorrow between the Padres and Rockies. My guess is that by tomorrow night MLB will issue a press release with the start times.

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