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Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 2

Posted by disappointmentzone on 16 September 2007

For those who doubted that Derek Anderson had the ability to be a good Browns quarterback — you are not alone. Very few people were particularly happy to see Anderson play last week. Few people were happy that the team handed over the starting job to Anderson when Charlie Frye was traded. Few people expected Anderson to last beyond the fourth quarter of the Cincinnati game. Many people figured that Anderson was going to cough up the job to Brady Quinn inside of three quarters.

Here is what all these people need to know about Anderson: he has an NFL arm.

Not only can he avoid the type of sacks Frye used to allow by being able to get rid of the ball quickly, but his arm is strong enough to make every single pass one expects a NFL quarterback to make. The playbook grows considerably when the offensive coordinator doesn’t have to restrict himself to which routes he can call for his receivers, as we all saw on Sunday. It helps to have an offensive line that looks completely revamped, too. Oh, and a running game does wonders. So does playing a terrible defense. But…whatever!

Right now the focus is on Anderson. He played tremendous football against the Bengals. We should keep in mind that this was only his fourth start. In his first big break — last year in relief of Frye against Kansas City — he played like an All-Pro quarterback leading the team to an overtime victory after trailing by 14 points in the fourth quarter. Other than a completely forgettable game against Tampa Bay– a game that featured about 82 dropped passes from his receivers — Anderson has played fairly well considering his relative inexperience. Put it this way: if Quinn played as well as Anderson in his first 16 NFL quarters then people in Cleveland would be pretty satisfied that the organization traded away their 2008 first round pick for a player like Quinn.

Last week I wrote that compared to Frye, Anderson may as well have been Peyton Manning.

This week Anderson may as well have been Peyton Manning.

Anderson entered that rarefied company, that Manning-Brady echelon, even if only for a game.

After last week’s games everyone was talking about how well Manning played against the Saints and how Brady’s performance against the Jets indicated how great he could be now that he had Randy Moss to throw to.

The two best quarterbacks playing at their absolute best put up these respective QB Scores per play: 6.60, 7.38.

How well did Anderson do this week?

QB Score: 199
QB Score per play: 6.03

Brady Quinn may be on that bench a while longer.


4 Responses to “Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 2”

  1. Haze said

    I actually caught myself watching the Browns today. And I didn’t laugh. Or cry. I’m… wow.

  2. I could hardly believe it myself.

  3. MandM said

    I know that the Bengals do not have the best defense in the league, but hats off to our offensive line. They opened up holes for Lewis which in turn made our passing game much more effective with the play action pass. Nice job “O” line.

  4. Haze said

    Ha, and the Raiders lost in OT (take THAT pouncho!). Burnt chicken, Browns win… yeah it was groovy.

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