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Quick hits: college football

Posted by disappointmentzone on 11 September 2007

* The University of Michigan is 0-4 since Bo Schembechler kicked the can. Is it too early to suggest that there is some sort of Schembechler hex affecting Michigan?

* Ohio State moved up in the rankings this week, from 12 to 10. Other than Michigan beginning the season ranked #5 this has to be the most bloated ranking this season. Of course Michigan dropped from the rankings after the first week of the season. Ohio State has managed to move up despite two less than stellar performances against teams that had no right being on the field with the Buckeyes.

* Put it this way: Ohio State would have lost last weekend had they played Oregon.

* There is a black hole at quarterback for the Buckeyes. It’s not quite as bad as what we are seeing with the Browns, but there is definitely consistency among football teams in Ohio.

* Wisconsin is eminently beatable this year, which is usually not what you find yourself saying of the team with the nation’s longest winning streak. But after watching their uninspiring game against UNLV the smart money is on the streak ending before bowl season.

* Speaking of the nation’s longest winning streak, Wisconsin fell into the distinction when last weekend when the previous title holder, Boise State, lost to Washington. Ohio State plays Washington in Washington this weekend. With the point spread at Washington +4 Vegas thinks that these teams are just about equal, which is awfully humbling considering that Washington was 4-7 last year and expected to compete for the cellar of the Pac 10 this year.

* Penn State represented the Big Ten well against Notre Dame last weekend, but even Penn State wasn’t that impressive. Their running game is average at best and Morelli is prone to mental errors. They still have an intimidating defense, though.

* The Big Ten is in a down year. In fact, I’d venture that at the end of the season there is only one Big Ten team ranked in the top 10 and that’ll be (obviously) the Big Ten champion.

* Here’s just a guess at how the rankings will look on January 9th: PSU #8, Wisconsin #12, Ohio State # 22.

* Word is the Chad Henne won’t play against Notre Dame on Saturday. It’s not as though the team was playing particularly well with Henne in the lineup, but losing him heading into the third week of the season certainly is no gain either.

* That said, Mike Hart guaranteed a victory. We all know that when Mike Hart says Michigan is going to win Mike Hart is speaking the truth, so the real question is why Notre Dame should even bother showing up.

* While the Disappointment Zone would normally encourage rooting for a natural disaster when Michigan and Notre Dame square off, this weekend is different. The rest of the teams in the Big Ten need Michigan to do well in order to increase the strength of schedule. A highly ranked Michigan team is more valuable to everyone else in the conference than an unranked Michigan. And though it’s fun to watch Michigan get run off the field by the likes of Appalachian States and Oregon, eventually the thoughtful Ohio State fan must confront a troubling reality: the need for Michigan to win. This is one of those times.


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