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Comment of the week

Posted by disappointmentzone on 10 September 2007

Only once or twice have I highlighted a comment made on one of the posts, but with comments like this I might have to do it more often. From rd:

Our first game back from expansion was against the Steelers, which resulted in a blow-out loss followed by a knee jerk, look of desperation hook of the starting quarterback. Nine years later, we are still opening with the Steelers, still getting blown out and still watching a knee jerk, look of desperation hook of a starting quarterback. Ahhh — the joys of progress. Quickly thinking, that score was 41-0, this one was 34-7. The Browns should be able to beat the Steelers at this rate of improvement about the turn of the next century…


5 Responses to “Comment of the week”

  1. Haze said

    Oh, oh I see. I see. I see how it is. You always snap at me whenever I try to say something. You don’t even want me around, do you?! You don’t appreciate me at all.

  2. Haze you are by far my favorite commenter and, as you point out in a comment on QB Score, you are also represent most of the comments on this site. I am not above pandering to my readership so if you want a Best of Haze roundup or your own post that’s fine by me. In fact, I’d welcome it.

  3. Haze said

    Your getting laid tonight.

  4. Anonymous said

    U might notice some typos there. I wrote that furiously in between seconds of breaks while at work. I appreciate the shout-out, you do bring great points to the table; its why i read.

  5. rd said

    feck – cookies off here – that was rd w the shout-out.

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