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Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 1

Posted by disappointmentzone on 9 September 2007

The 2007 season of the Cleveland Browns picked up basically where the 2006 season ended. About a .65 total quarterbacks split across two warm bodies, and no change to who those warms bodies are: Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson.

The countdown to the Brady Quinn Era began back on draft day, but Frye won the starting job and the conventional wisdom said that Frye would lose the job to Quinn at some point in the season. He was just keeping the seat warm while Quinn became acclimated to the NFL. He’d probably lose his job next month, maybe in early November.

Who guessed the second quarter of game one?

Now the decision to keep Derek Anderson over Ken Dorsey is rather significant, much more so than any fourth-quarterback decision the Brown have ever faced. Had Phil Savage kept Dorsey the word out of Browns HQ is that Dorsey would have backed up Quinn, with Quinn backing up Frye. Dorsey and Quinn had developed an obvious rapport and when Dorsey was cut all the attention turned to how Quinn would respond to losing the player who had become his mentor. No one made much fuss about how the decision would affect Frye, but now it looks like that decision might destroyed Frye’s confidence.

The only obvious reason for keeping Anderson was the concern that Frye would suck before Quinn was ready to start.

And what do you know — Frye sucked before Quinn was ready.

Has a starting quarterback ever lost his job faster than Frye, with the hedge for injury? Just ten pass attempts into the first game of the season and Frye gets the hook. At least Crennel showed signs of life in making the move; it was the only sign of life from the Browns the entire game.

Once again the Disappointment Zone will be tracking the performance of whoever takes snaps for the Browns and once again QB Score will be used as the measuring stick. The formula for QB Score has been slightly refined since last season and you can read about it here. It should also be noted that QB Score is not an absolute measure of a player’s ability. At this point the complexity of football outstrips the ability of statistics to conclusively determine a player’s ability. QB Score, however, is a good step in that direction.

Here are the scores.

Derek Anderson
QB Score: 21
QB Score per play: .72

Charlie Frye
QB Score -74
QB Score per play: -6.73

Average QB Score per play is about 1.78.

Frye was monumentally below average when he was in the game, as you can see from his -6.73 rating. But you could have also seen he was monumentally below average if you watched the game. Frye essentially rendered the importance of his statistical contribution moot.

Compared to Frye, Anderson may as well have been Peyton Manning. But Anderson was no Peyton Manning. In fact, Anderson wasn’t even average.

The clock on Quinn started counting in months. Then it was games. Now it is hours.


13 Responses to “Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 1”

  1. […] Cleveland Browns: QB Score: Week 1 Has a starting quarterback ever lost his job faster than Frye, with the hedge for injury? Just ten pass attempts into the first game of the season and Frye gets the hook. At least Crennel showed signs of life in making the move; it was the only sign of life from the Browns the entire game. […]

  2. Mike said

    Is there a backup coach we can put in?

  3. Still a joke! said

    As a Browns fan far from Cleveland, the embarrasement follows us – the fans. I watched the game at a huge football party that had 8 tvs going for different games. Most cheering for the Panthers, another contingent for Dallas, and then the Steeler fans. I was the only Browns fan. Can the team at least have 1 season in which they look like a professional team, act like one, and be somewhat competitive? The Steelers-Browns rivalry is almost dead. It’s not a rivarly when it isn’t competitve and hasn’t been for some time.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see how the team responds to adversity this season. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of rebellion among the players in response to Romeo.

    One other subplot is how Crennel handles finally starting Brady Quinn. Crennel obviously can’t put Quinn in under the banner of looking towards 08, but that’ll clearly be implied if he waits until the Browns are 0-6 before doing so.

    After today I’d like to revise my original guess for when Quinn would be announced as the starter. We’re no longer looking at early October but late September. Unless Anderson shows something, which would be nice.

  5. Haze said

    If Anderson “shows something”? Do you seriously believe there is a chance of that happening? I hope he tanks, Quinn is quarterback soon because this does follow Cleveland fans living away from Hell. The only redeeming aspect of Quinn NOT starting is if our current quarterback is hilariously bad, which.. at least makes for a good drinking game.

  6. Haze said

    btw it was the Browns QB Weekly Score that first attracted me to this site, both for the hilarious commentary and the qually hilarious notion that someone had to actually watch the games to post the commentary. lol its still funny.

  7. Thanks Haze.

    I do think there is a chance Anderson could show something. In his first two games last season he performed quite well and he wasn’t terrible today despite playing on what I’m sure must have been short notice. Do I think it’s likely Anderson will show something? No, of course not. But I’d handicap the odds at about 25%, which is a whole 25% higher than Frye.

    Working in Anderson’s favor is his arm strength. Charlie Frye, like Chad Pennington, has a below-average arm. But Frye, unlike Pennington, is not accurate. Can’t be weak-armed and inaccurate in the NFL and remain a starter. Anderson at least has an arm. So that’s something, right?

    The one big area where Crennel dropped the ball was in the punter situation. It’s incredibly bush league to sign a punter the day before the opener to replace a guy who’s been hurt since last Monday. That first possession certainly set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

  8. Josh said

    I can’t follow the CW that you ruin a QB for his career if you put him in too early. Didn’t Troy Aikman play that first year when the Cowboys were awful? The reason Couch failed in the league was because he wasn’t good, not because he played too early. If Quinn’s psyche and talent are so fragile that he will get permanently ruined if he has poor games in the first half of the season, then he won’t ever be a good QB in this league.

    Why isn’t Butler starting over Schaeffer at right tackle?

    Gruden next year?

  9. I think the concern over putting him in too soon is that he doesn’t yet have full command over the offense. I’m not so sure it’s an issue of a fragile psyche so much as an issue of how to best get him to the place where he is not a sitting duck because he can’t check out of a play because he’s not yet able to call a decent audible. It’s certainly a careful balance. The O-line looked pretty bad yesterday and there is a strong argument to keep Quinn on the bench and let Anderson take the blows from the upcoming defenses, that whatever gain Quinn will have will be out weighed by the risk of injury.

    I don’t see Gruden as the head coach.

    Who would have thought that out of the big three in NE the Browns would end up with the obvious clunker. Weis is having his share of problems at ND this season but he at least looks like he coaches. Mangini looks like he’s going to be coaching in the league for about 25 years. Crennel looks like he’s overwhelmed every week.

  10. rd said

    We are all forgetting an obvious correlation here. Our first game back from expansion was against the Steelers, which resulted in a blow-out loss followed by a knee jerk, look of desperation hook of the starting quarterback. Nine years later, we are still opening with the Steelers, still getting blown out and still watching a knee jerk, look of deserperation hook of a starting quarterback. Ahhh – the joys of progress. Quickly thinking, that score was 41-0, this one was 34-7. The Browns should be able to beat the Steelers at this rate of improvement about the turn of the next century…….

  11. Ryan A said

    Here’s a direct quote for you from my brother, just before kickoff on Sunday.

    “Don’t get your hopes up Ryan. What’s that site, the disappointment zone? He better start writing now.”

  12. How is your brother, Ryan? That’s a pretty good line.

  13. Haze said

    I’m the only actual person who goes to this site, aren’t I?


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