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New take on the Indians

Posted by disappointmentzone on 5 September 2007

There is an old saying in baseball that everyone wins 54 games, everyone loses 54 games, and it’s what you do with the other 54 games that makes the difference.

So what are the Indians doing with their other 54 games?

How about 26-4. 27-4.

Here’s another way to look at the Indians’ recent success:

If the Indians go 12-12 11-12 in their last 24 23 games the Tigers must go 20-4 21-3 to win the division crown.

The Indians now have a 97% chance of making the playoffs. (1)

Good times.

fn 1: Baseball Prospectus.


18 Responses to “New take on the Indians”

  1. Haze said


  2. Erik said

    I’m not really even concerned about the division anymore (of course if the Tigers are back to within three games 10 days from now, I will be).

    But at this point, it looks like the division is a wrap. Minnesota is done, and has been for a while. The Tigers currently pose a mild threat, but they’re disappearing in the rear view mirror. I just don’t think Detroit has the pitching, particularly relief pitching, to catch the Indians. The 8-7 loss to Oakland after blowing a 7-0 lead might prove to be the backbreaker for the Leyland Bunch.

    What I’m more concerned about is what is going to happen once the Indians get to the playoffs. They have a serious mental block about playing the Red Sox and Yankees. They have to get over that intimidation, or it’s going to be a short October run.

  3. This series against the Angles is the biggest series of the season so far if you ask me. If the Indians can manage to get to the best record in baseball and the Mariners can win the wild card that could be the difference between the world series and exiting after the first round.

  4. Haze said

    No, the biggest series of the season already happened. It was the last time we sweeped (or took 2 out of 3?) from Minni the time before this series. The Twins were 5.5 games behind us and could’ve made this a 3-team race.

    Does it really matter if the Indians don’t have the best record in baseball? This isn’t the Cavs– we can’t just kick Washington’s ass. Is Boston really THAT much better than LA? I like our starting rotation more, our core hitters are comparible to theirs (if Pronk continues to wake up) and think we round the lineup out nicely. Only question is who do we add to the bullpen. Because right now we have four in my mind.

  5. Haze said

    Seriously though, after the Cavs lost to my ex’s dream guy *)(*ing Genoboli after four games I’m terrified at the prospect of losing to Boston or the Yankees. Or even worse…

    The Cubs. It could happen people. I need a drink.

  6. I think this series against LAA will do more to determine what happens with the Indians in October than the previous Minnesota sweep (or the one before).

    I think it does matter if the Indians finish with the best record in the AL. It would give them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Being able to bat last is preferable.

    I don’t think the Indians will call anyone else up for the bullpen. Don’t know how Lara got to Cleveland and not Matt Miller, but Miller is really the only option in the minors right now for the bullpen.

  7. Haze said

    I concur, but I will add that the pitching matchups in the first two games put our #4 SP against their #1, and out #3 SP against theitr #2. We lost, as we should have. Last night it was our #1 SP against their #5 and guess what, we won. Now its our #5 against their #3.

    To say this series favors LA is a joke and that’s why I don’t think it means a whole lot. Thank goodness we had a 7 game lead on Detroit coming into this series.

    Here’s praying we split.

  8. End the praying, Laffey put up a solid start and we win.

  9. Just finished watching the game. Laffey did what he needed to do. A solid 5 innings. Lewis also did well, especially after getting into a little bit of a jam.

    What’s pretty incredible is that had Cabrera had a base hit in the game on Friday (when the bases were loaded in the 9th) the Indians could have taken three of four against the top of their rotation.

    After watching this series I really hope the Indians have to face LA in the playoffs. I think it’ll be LA-NY, CLE-BOS in the ALDS. LA matches up very well against NY and the Indians seem to have a mental block when it comes to the Yankees. LA should be able to pitch themselves past NY. If we can get pasted BOS–and I think we can–I think we can handle the Angels.

    I don’t know how much it would matter but should we face LA in the playoffs our first home game will be LA’s first in CLE. Maybe that’s a small advantage?

  10. dave . . . said

    now why did you have to go and jinx us??? as soon as you said the indians had a 97% chance of winning the division, the pessimist in me said “yeah, but they got a 3% chance of losing it too” as i reminded myself that in the last week of 2005, they only needed to win 3 of their last 7 games and they would have made the playoffs and we all know how that one turned out. insert your appropriate cliche here: “don’t count your chickens till they hatch” certainly comes to mind. believe me when i tell you though, i would very much like to see them make the playoffs, but until such time that they actually clinch the division, i will remain cautiously optimistic.

  11. Dave, as of yesterday the Indians have a 98.80750% chance. So our chances have actually improved since I wrote this blog post! Still, cautious optimism is a good plan. This is Cleveland after all.

  12. Pat B in Copley said

    Hey guys, I am relatively new at this, just moving to the area in 2003. But, my wife Paula, born and raised in Akron/Bath says, don’t get your hopes up. Just like the Browns, they will screw it up. What is it that I am Missing? I have read about the Cleveland curse, but what up? She says I need to live here longe and suffer through more Winters (I still enjot shoveling snow, great exercise), to understand. OK, so I think I understand, but why then do the Browns continuallly sell out?? Why does the Indians still draw more than 2 mil?? Is everyone into pain around here? OR, As I like to believe, that the fans around here are trully what every market would love to have. My wife is a Half enpty person, I am always half full (of Vodka tonics).

  13. Haze said

    The Browns continiually sell out because Clevelanders like to bitch at things and the Browns have a very difficult time pressing restraining order charges unless you take your clothes off. The Indians draw 2 mill in revenue because beer is like $10.00 a draft, plus the team is 24 games over .500. The 90’s helped, to. Yes, everyone is in pain around Cleveland because no one wants to live around Cleveland. No one.

    As far as enjoying shoveling snow… I, uhhh, you’re insane. Completely insane.

  14. Greg said

    I like Pat B in Copley’s attitude!! I love hearing positivity. Clevelanders are typically so negative, particularly about sports. Go Tribe!

  15. Haze said

    If the Indians don’t win the Series after the Spurs fiasco I’m jumping off the rockies.

  16. Haze said

    Ha! Not rock climbing for me today! We’re at 10 boys… we’re at 10.

  17. Pat B in Copley said

    Does anyone think the Tigers can catch the Hated Yankees??

  18. Haze said

    We’ll know after the Tigers play us.

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