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New link

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 September 2007

There is a new football blog in the links to the right called The Nosebleeds Blog. It’s written by a Browns fan and has an NFL slant. Check it out.


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Michigan and the AP 25

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 September 2007

Dave Birkett is a sportswriter for the Oakland (MI) Press. (1) He is also one of 65 media members with a vote in the Associated Press Top 25 College Football Poll.

In his preseason poll he listed Michigan #2, higher than any other media member.

Since Birkett covers UM football professionally he has a vested interest in voting Michigan high in his ballot. Not only does it keep him in the good graces of everyone in Ann Arbor, but the higher Michigan’s profile is the more clout he has professionally. It would be a boon to his career to cover a BCS champion — certainly more prestigious than covering the champion of D1-AA (although maybe not this week). Voting Michigan higher than anyone else in the country is a logical move if Mr. Birkett is considering only his interests, which makes it hard to have faith in the integrity of his vote. Read the rest of this entry »

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