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When will Quinn start?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 September 2007

Now that we’ve gotten past the first weekend of college football attention turns towards the first week of professional football. For Browns fans that means watching Charlie Frye not lead the Browns to many touchdowns while wondering just how long it will take before Brady Quinn relieves Frye as the starting quarterback. That Quinn will be the starter at some point this season is a foregone conclusion. All that’s left is guessing when his name slides to the top of the depth chart.

So when will Quinn get his first start?

To get the conversation started let’s turn to Don Banks, NFL reporter. Banks expects Quinn will be the starter sooner than many, including his colleague Peter King, who is of the opinion that the Browns need to bring Quinn along slowly. Banks puts Quinn as the starter no later than Oct. 1:

Charlie Frye is reportedly the guy in Cleveland for now, but it’s just a matter of time (measure it in weeks, not months) before the Browns make the obvious admission that rookie quarterback Brady Quinn gives them their best shot to win. Quinn already looks like an NFL quarterback. Frye and Derek Anderson look like guys trying to play the position. By the time October rolls around, I expect to see No. 10 under center in Cleveland.

One problem with this guess is that should Quinn be named the starter on October 1st his first game will be…on the road…against the New England Patriots. Not only is New England one of the early favorites to win the Super Bowl but they also boast one of the two three defenses in the NFL. Should that be Quinn’s first start then the best of luck to him.

Checking out the schedule I say that the New England game is the last game not-Quinn starts (Frye most likely) and that Quinn is named the starter for the following week’s game, at home against the Dolphins. This would provide a lovely twist as the Dolphins passed up Quinn in the draft, much to the chigrin of Dolphins fans, and it would only be fitting that Quinn starts against that team and puts up (relatively) huge numbers. That would provide the first no-doubt-about-it moment for a Browns draft pick since the team rejoined the league in 1999. We’re due.

With Quinn starting against Miami on October 14th I say he is announced as the starter four days earlier, on the 10th.

There will be a press conference where Romeo pulls a coin from his pocket and says, “Heads Brady’s the starter. Tails Frye is benched.”

And with that a new era will begin.

If you’re so inclined, put your guesses in the comments.

UPDATE: Frye named starter for season opener.

UPDATE II: USA Today has published a nice, though mostly recycled, profile of Joe Thomas.


4 Responses to “When will Quinn start?”

  1. Josh said

    I really would have preffered them start DA. Frye just dinks and dunks. We need a QB who will at least attempt to get the ball down the field and not take the dump off the moment the pocket breaks down.

    As for Quinn, hopefully by week 3 or 4 he’ll get in. I’m thinking if the Browns start off 0-2, Romeo will get desperate.

    I’ll disgaree on one thing — the Pats don’t have a top 2-3 defense. Their schemes might be confusing, but that back seven is not very good and now Seymour is out the first 6 games.

  2. Losing Seymour is certainly going to hurt (Harrison, too) and top 3 might be a bit of a stretch, but last season NE finished #5 in weighted DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average) so any way you slice it NE’s defense is elite and would pose serious problems to a guy like Quinn.

    Everything about the Browns’ quarterbacks is bleak except for Quinn. I’m not a Frye guy and I thought Anderson did enough last season to warrant coming into camp as the #1. I’m not convinced that Frye did enough during the preseason to completely put Anderson out of the starting job. Of course, Anderson did nothing to make himself the starter, either.

    I might do a post about this but the Browns have a terribly difficult schedule given how well they did last year. Their division doesn’t help, but still.

  3. hey there.. I just stumbled on your page searching for “All Bets are Off”.

    I am a Browns season ticket holder, and I have an NFL blog. I would really appreciate if you’d link me, as I will do the same for you. Continue to update frequently and I will stop back often.

  4. Sure thing Mevs.

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