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Second best upset of the weekend

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 September 2007

Across the pond Chelsea has not lost a match in English Premier League for over seven months. This is an awfully impressive streak and is but one of the many reasons why Chelsea is like the New York Yankees of professional soccer. If you can imagine George Steinbrenner as a Russian oil tycoon with suspected ties to the mob then you have Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovich. Abramovich has spent the past few years buying up all the top talent in the UK and over that period has transformed Chelsea into one of the top clubs in all the world. Chelsea is based in London but their fan base has quickly expanded, much in the same way that each time the Yankees make the postseason there is a sudden 700% increase in annoying people in NY hats.

No one should root for Chelsea.

Everyone, however, should root for Aston Villa, the little team that could and the best football team associated with Cleveland, especially when Villa is set to play Chelsea, which they were today.

Of course, rooting for Villa usually means rooting for defeat. Victory isn’t Villa’s specialty — a tie is their usual MO — but someone forgot to mention that to Villa. Led by recently acquired Zat Knight, who scored the first goal 47 minutes into the match, Villa pulled off an amazing upset over Chelsea, besting them 2-0.  Their offense often looks like it is coached by Mike Brown and Chelsea’s defense is no joke, so a 2-0 victory is quite a surprise, even on top of the fact that it ended that seven-month streak.

The general consensus is that Mr. Barcelona Offside, the man usually in charge of covering all things Aston Villa, is passed out in a ditch with a warm can of PBR firmly in his grasp. Should he give up drinking there is a chance he’ll return to being an upstanding citizen, but the smart money is on him being a delinquent.


One Response to “Second best upset of the weekend”

  1. Hey now, I was not drinking PBR. The other part, the part about the ditch, that is 100% factual.

    I was out of contact with the world beyond my ditch this weekend and so was actually sitting down, just now, to write up something about the VICTORY (originally typed, out of habit, as loss), when I realized you had already done so. So kudos for usurping my spot and also for allowing me to concentrate fully on finding out why I was n that ditch.

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