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The difference of a week

Posted by disappointmentzone on 30 August 2007

Last week I was practically salivating at the opportunity to write a scathing blog post about how the Indians were getting screwed in making up these Seattle games. (1) Seattle had over the last couple of months transformed into a powerhouse in the AL West while the Indians had turned into the team that couldn’t hit straight. This from how the teams had been playing at the beginning of the year, when the Indians looked like a mighty force and the Mariners looked like, well, the Mariners. Playing them at home (and then on the road) in August and September was going to be a far cry from playing them at home in April.

Now? Not so much. The Indians are riding a five game winning streak and the Mariners are on a five game losing streak. Seattle played yesterday on the West Coast and have had to travel to Cleveland without a day’s rest. Plus the Mariners are trotting out a pitcher with the worst ERA of any of their starters.

Needless to say, things change quickly and a week in baseball can be like a month in the regular world. Now I’m not so upset. But should the Indians lose….

fn 1: Hyperbole intended here as a bit tongue-in-cheek. Something mildly funny about a ‘scathing blog post’, as if it matters. I’ve gone from the intellectual form of masturbation (grad school in the humanities) to the fanatical form of masturbation (scathing blog posts) and all I have left is the…well, never mind.

4 Responses to “The difference of a week”

  1. Haze said

    Did you really think that the second best offense last year and the second best offense for the first half of the season was just going to keel over the rest of the season? The Indians’ September is probably the easiest schedule out of any team the league. Hafner is starting to hit again as is Victor, Acab is a blessing and thank goodness for Lofton with the way Michaels usually plays. I figured this team would hit a rock in August but it depended on how holes in the team were filled.

    CC and Fausto are awesome, Byrd is Byrd (good), and Jake is back to his old self. I like our top four just as much as Boston’s. Gomez filled our “decent utility guy” role. Loften filled the platoon in left with much needed speed and batting average. Acab plays an awesome 2nd. Gutz, who has speed, hits for average w/some power and plays great D.. is just the guy I want in right. The two Raffies are amongst the lowest in the league in ERA and Jobo leads the league in ERA. jensen lewis has been good insurance as well.

    Everything else about this team we know is good and will come around. And now it is. But those were our major roles that needed to be filled to get into the playoffs and actually believe in a run. This team could be improved upon but a lot of that will happen with maturation of prospects and better still… the team remains the same next year thanks to good signings.

    I think my last comment got missed so I’ll ask it again… who thinks the Tribe picks up Byrd’s option at the end of the season, and if they do, do they do a sign and trade?

  2. Haze said

    Also, does anyone like the possibility of Cliff Lee out of the bullpen? I think he’s at about 5.5 walks per 9 innings in AAA, so personally I’m not feeling it. But it is a possibility.

  3. dave . . . said

    be careful what you ask for. most of the guys i talked to yesterday thought for sure the indians would lose to johan “the god” santana and not score any runs for c.c. and look what happened, a 4-3 indians win. now you look at horatio ramirez and his 6.67 era and think the tribe should handle this guy no problem. with our luck though, the tribe will probably lose to him 1-0. i hope they win though.

  4. Haze, I think there is no doubt the team will pick up Byrd’s option. Good starting pitching is too hard to come by and Byrd will be coming relatively cheaply. I also like the idea of Lee out of the bullpen, at least for the rest of this season. His K rate has been nice in AAA and I think he could do some damage, but those walks are a problem. I don’t see him staying there after this season, though. Just not cost effective. I think the Indians would trade him before Byrd.

    As I type this the Indians just went up 3-0, so there goes the 1-0 shutout loss, thankfully.

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