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Party like it’s 1995

Posted by disappointmentzone on 28 July 2007

…And suddenly the halcyon days of Jacobs Field returned.

Welcome back, Kenny.


2 Responses to “Party like it’s 1995”

  1. dave . . . said

    unfortunately, eric “the genius” wedge won’t have any clue how to effectively use kenny though. so far, he sat him with the lefty johan santana so that jason michaels could strike out 3 times. gee, do you think kenny could have at least got on base via a bunt a time or two??? then, he pinch hits kenny for josh barfield and brings in mike “the louse” rouse for “defensive reasons” only to see rouse commit the error which led to the game-winning run being scored. nice move there, wedgie. don’t get me wrong now. i love the trade to get lofton. he will certainly add a spark to the team and he did right out of the gate in friday’s game, but let’s be honest here. kenny is simply a summer rental and he will be gone before spring training 2008 is even scheduled. by the way, i’m still waiting to see this ballyhooed outfield of lofton, grady and f-goot. so far, wedgie continues to just play the hackneyed “righty-lefty” theory in his strict platoon. speaking of which, didn’t trot “the rot” nixon just look like a molasses flow in winter in right field today chasing after that ball hit by mark redmond in the 8th inning which opened up the door for the twins to steal the win??? f-goot would have caught that ball and the indians would have won 1-0. there is not a doubt in my mind. you can chalk one more loss up to eric “the genius” wedge right there, once again proving he has no idea how to fill out a lineup to maximize their opportunity to win that day’s game. he has no sense of urgency whatsoever. he is more interested in “taking it one game at time” or “seeing how things play out”. to that i say “hogwash, pure hogwash”. a wise man once said “carpe diem” which is latin for “seize the day”. the twins ron gardenhire surely knows a thing or two about that as he made wedge look like a simple little league coach as he completely outmanaged wedge in the series by putting pressure on the indians at the most opportune times which contributed mightily to them winning the series. mark my words, we will rue the day they gave wedge that contract extension, we will rue the day!!!

  2. Haze said

    Kenny has a history of being bad against lefties. Michaels I think should have started, and its not like anyone else in the lineup did much better. Kenny is a better hitter than Barfield and it was appropriate to use him in subing for offensive reasons, and Rouse is supposed to be good defensively.

    I hate Trot Nixon though, I’ll give you that. And if that and Lee are the only real things to bitch about we’ll be fine. Laffy and/or the newandimproved Sowers will get us at least a playoff spot.. or here’s hopeing.

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