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Cavs-Heat: X-mas

Posted by disappointmentzone on 25 July 2007

The Cavs and Heat are playing on Christmas. The Christmas game is probably the biggest non-playoff game on the NBA calendar and Cleveland will be getting a little love. Good for us. And good for ABC, too. This is a far better match up than, say, another Heat-Lakers game. It’s nice to see that ABC is no longer stuck in 2002 and that the league finally recognizes that the best way to bring in new fans is by hyping up its young superstars, not by rehashing old hissyfits between a declining great Shaq and a rapist Kobe.

What should the other Christmas game be? The DZ votes for Spurs-Suns, but that might be hard to market without everyone remembering Game 3 and the fishy refereeing and that one of those fishy referees was later booted from the league for fixing games. So it’ll probably be Suns-Mavs. That works, too, though.


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